Peninsula Meetup!
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Sun September 30 at 7:00 PM, Antonio's Nut House
321 N California Ave, Palo Alto, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
One year later and she is back for more! Stewriffic will be back in town so let's meetup. Sunday, September 30, let's say 7pm onwards? She'll be staying in a hotel in Palo Alto (Barron Park area) but I am uncertain about her transportation situation so let's pick a place in PA. California Avenue area might be most convenient. Open to suggestions! [Edit: location will be Antonio's Nut House]
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YAY! I'll be there!
posted by Stewriffic at 1:43 PM on August 16, 2012

And yeah, my transportation is stuck to the bottom of each leg.
posted by Stewriffic at 1:49 PM on August 16, 2012

(That means my feet)
posted by Stewriffic at 1:51 PM on August 16, 2012 [1 favorite]

Whee, in! Stewie, I can come around and pick you up from the hotel too.
posted by jamaro at 3:28 PM on August 16, 2012 [1 favorite]

Argh! We will not be here, though we will be in an awesome place because we'll be driving around UT/CO/NM looking at rocks.
posted by rtha at 5:43 AM on August 17, 2012

bummer! But I'll be in SFO for APHA later in the month. I think gingerbeer is presenting, too?
posted by Stewriffic at 6:31 AM on August 17, 2012

I believe so, yes. Or she's at least going, I know that. It's a plan!
posted by rtha at 6:34 AM on August 17, 2012

Awesome. See you then!
posted by Stewriffic at 6:48 AM on August 17, 2012

Antonio's Nut House?
posted by sarahnade at 6:55 AM on August 17, 2012

Does APHA refer to the American Public Health Association convention? That's in October and I'll be there. Or are you referring to some other APHA?
posted by jasper411 at 9:44 AM on August 17, 2012

That's the one! I'm presenting.
posted by Stewriffic at 10:17 AM on August 17, 2012

I'll be there too! I'm on a paper and a poster. Maybe we should have a meetup around the meeting.
posted by jasper411 at 12:32 PM on August 17, 2012

Yay! Let's do it.
posted by Stewriffic at 5:15 PM on August 17, 2012

Location suggestion so far: Antonio's Nut House

what do you know about it?
posted by Stewriffic at 11:39 PM on August 17, 2012

Would love to come to this and meet other MeFites, I just moved to the area a few months ago and I've never been able to make it to the SF meetups.
posted by so much modern time at 2:30 PM on August 18, 2012

The Nut House is pretty much a dive bar that serves Mexican food. You can get peanuts from a mechanical gorilla.
posted by sarahnade at 3:27 PM on August 18, 2012

So, uh, I guess if there are any people with nut allergies, Antonio's Nut House is not for you.
posted by sarahnade at 3:30 PM on August 18, 2012

I'm cool with dive bars and Mexican food. I'd be down with the mechanical gorilla for sure. No nut allergies for me.
posted by Stewriffic at 3:59 PM on August 18, 2012

Antonio's Nut House works for me. Unless there are any other suggestions, I'll edit this to make it a firm thing.
posted by ambrosia at 4:13 PM on August 19, 2012

Do it!
posted by Stewriffic at 3:07 PM on August 20, 2012

Oh shit you already did it, and I just didn't notice.

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Is ambrosia the same as ambrosia voyeur?
posted by Afroblanco at 8:28 PM on August 20, 2012

Nope. They're two separate, but equally important mefites.
posted by rtha at 9:23 PM on August 20, 2012

That's.... bizarre. They have the same real first name AND the same fake first name. Also, didn't ambrosia voyeur used to live in the Bay area?
posted by Afroblanco at 2:41 AM on August 21, 2012

AV used to live in Santa Cruz. Her Bay Area meetup heyday wasn't the same as ambrosia's, so the confusion was minimal.

I'll be at the Nut House. Most grateful that something is being planned locally, since I have been plowed under with work and school and have not made it to a meetup in about a million years.
posted by tangerine at 2:45 PM on August 21, 2012

I shall try to make it! It's pencilled in.
posted by zsazsa at 10:11 PM on August 23, 2012

As a bonus, the Nut House is very Caltrain friendly, take the California Avenue stop.
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Holy crap, this is like 2 weeks away! WOO HOO!
posted by Stewriffic at 4:09 PM on September 13, 2012 [1 favorite]

I am having cognitive dissonance that this is on a Sunday. I have a standing thing on sunday evenings, but if you guys are still there after like 9:30 I will try and stop by!
posted by sarahnade at 4:27 PM on September 17, 2012

Holy crap I just randomly found this thread from a search for 'palo alto'. I live here and I've never been somewhere that other MeFites lives so I'm in (pending girlfriend's interest perhaps. Or I might venture it alone.)
posted by Space Coyote at 10:52 PM on September 22, 2012

I was just looking at the Antonio's Nut House page and am hoping they have a nice, local IPA.

YAY Space Coyote! Come by yourself if the GF won't/can't make it!
posted by Stewriffic at 1:34 PM on September 23, 2012

I may be able to make it. Unlike zsazsa, I've crayoned it in to my calendar.
posted by aubilenon at 12:02 AM on September 28, 2012

Very excited!! I'm going to be exhausted, btw, because I have to get up at 4 a.m. EDT. That's 1 a.m. to y'all. I'll try to nap.
posted by Stewriffic at 3:24 PM on September 29, 2012

Am here! The hotel is a dump compared to last year, but last year's was gorgeous. Light lunch and a nap as soon as I can check in.
posted by Stewriffic at 11:25 AM on September 30, 2012

Yay! See you soon!
posted by ambrosia at 1:03 PM on September 30, 2012

Jamaro and I are here. I have on a "yes we plan" bright pink tshirt frOm the DNC.
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I'm running rather late, but still planning on coming. Might not get there until 8pm though. I'll come anyway and look for you all.
posted by so much modern time at 7:28 PM on September 30, 2012

That was fun! I was having so much fun talking to Stewriffic and jamaro, I completely forgot to pull out my camera. Oops.
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I'll dig up that soundtrack album I mentioned last night, if anyone wants a copy of it shoot me a meffie mail.
posted by Space Coyote at 9:35 AM on October 1, 2012

It was very fun meeting fellow MeFites last night! Space Coyote, definitely going to shoot you an email.

Also, the Gangnam flash mob in SF! I need to know about this.
posted by so much modern time at 10:53 AM on October 1, 2012

How convenient, so much modern time, as I provide information about Gangnam flash mobs in SF on a need to know basis! The SF Flash Mob Facebook group has all the latest info on upcoming practices and the day of the mob itself, Saturday 10/13. More importantly, it was nice meeting everyone! I had a darn good time. (And it was nice to see you again, zsazsa!)
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So much fun! Thanks for the hospitality, y'all! Now we need to set something up for my trip to SF at the end of the month...
posted by Stewriffic at 5:07 PM on October 1, 2012

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