Drinks, anyone?
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Hoyland is still coming to town, but there wasn't a sudden upswell of people for the BBQ idea, so that's pretty much dead now. Flapjax has suggested Koenji, but that's a bit far for me, personally (although I'm sure it'll be an awesome show). Other than that, I don't know. There's various and sundry drinking establishments in Tokyo, and as mentioned, I'm partial to Yurakucho area, though reservations might be a good idea on a Saturday night. Any ideas?
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Wish I could go but currently I'm not scheduled to be in Tokyo at that time. If my schedule changes, I'll do my best to be there.
posted by gen at 6:19 AM on July 12, 2012

I'm totally down for a Chiba trip. I'm almost positive I can join but I'll confirm this weekend. I think I'll be bringing my girlfriend too.
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But also, an evening in Tokyo is cool too, either way.
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I'm in (perhaps obviously).
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I live in town but can certainly make it out to Chiba.
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I'll be there with bells on. Not sure yet about Mrs. flapjax and offspring, but maybe them too.
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BBQ. Deep BBQ.
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Oh, wait a minute. Dammit. I can't after all... I've got a gig that evening in Koenji, and it'll be way too tight to make soundcheck and all. Hell. Sorry about that.
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After looking at those photos, suddenly I'm feeling a bit sheepish about my BBQ abilities. Yaki-niku and yaki-soba for all!
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I would so love to come and I know I've sort of nudged you about this before, Ghidorah, but... I can't make it. I'm sooooo disappointed.

The thing is, my son is a "jukensei" this year and is basically studying his eyeballs out this summer, and I can't really mosey on down by myself for some beer and BBQ without seriously annoying him.

Yes I am a "kyoiku mama" and proud of it!

Have fun, everyone! *cries*
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After looking at those photos, suddenly I'm feeling a bit sheepish about my BBQ abilities.

No WAY, Ghidorah. Your 'cue gonna be AAAAWWWWESOME!
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Sorry to hear you can't make it, Misozaki. Then again, all study and no BBQ makes students go crazy. Surely his concentration levels would be higher after a little pulled pork and grilled chicken!
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pulled pork and grilled chicken

Why must you taunt me?
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Well, to be honest, the taunt was aimed mostly at Misozaki. Did I mention the homemade bratwurst?
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Cooked brats.
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a little pulled pork and grilled chicken!

homemade bratwurst?

Why must you taunt me?´╝łT_T)

I checked the calendar hoping I'd confused the dates, but sure enough, my son has to go to juku that day, just like almost every single day of his summer vacation this year. Meaning I have to make two bentos for lunch and dinner. Crazy, but true.
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I guess I'm lucky in that I don't fully understand the ordeal you're going through. However, if I read that right, he'll be at juku all afternoon, right? Plenty of time to step out to Chiba, and we can even set you up with a little BBQ bento to take home, some pulled pork, a little potato salad, a couple chunks of grilled pineapple.

of course, I do understand how deadly serious the whole thing is, and I hope he does well. Don't worry too much, there will be other meetups.
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Did somebody mention grilled pineapple?

Why must you taunt me too!
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I'm actually about to go hack up three pork shoulders to make some sausages for another friend's barbecue on Monday, but just for you, woodblock,

grilled pineapple:
melt two tablespoons butter in a pan
add one tablespoon of brown sugar, and one teaspoon of powdered ginger
simmer, then add two tablespoons dark rum
marinate chunks of pineapple in the glaze, thread onto skewers, grill until soft, try to imagine how lived for so long before you first tasted the wonder that is grilled pineapple.

Now that? That's taunting
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Now, misozaki, I'm trying to figure this out.

1) Your son needs bentos made. A.k.a., he's gotta eat.

2) There is a barbecue happening.

I see some really synergistic possibilities here. tako-hotdogs are the just first thing that comes to mind.

Just sayin'.

(more) Seriously though, all the best to you and your son...
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Oh, and Ghidorah, now you're just being mean.

I'm getting hungry too.
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Ghidorah and dubitable, thanks for your kind words. I know this whole "juken" thing must be incomprehensible. Honestly, being a "returnee" who has never really experienced it myself -- I was completely bilingual by the time I was my son's age and basically scraped through my post-high school education with my English skillz only -- it's baffling to me as well. It's hard striking an acceptable balance between "there's a lot more to this world than cramming for some tests so go out there and see the world" and "but you gotta study for those tests because they will seriously impact the rest of your life if you intend to live and work in Japan." Anyway, hopefully it'll all be over by end of February or earlier if he's lucky.
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Think of me, gentle MeFites, speeding towards Tokyo strapped into a flying metal tube while you munch grilled pineapple,. I'm going to miss this by 12 hours. *sob*.
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Well, I'll be in Toyko again on 12 August 2012, for about three or four days. I'll be bringing the lovely misfish with me. If anyone's interested in coming out on the town with us, it would be lovely to see the Japanese shift. I'll create a new event for it.

I still want grilled pineapple though.
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OK - here we go: Tokyo Meetup 2. Round about 12 August 2012.
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I'm just checking in to see if people are still interested. The cutoff for the bbq is next week, and so far, we've got 2, including myself, attending, and one maybe. If it ends up being a night in Tokyo, that's fine, but if it's going to be a bbq, more people need to sign on, or else it becomes an awkward afternoon of a couple people standing around a grill...
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Still works for me, in town or out.
posted by 23 at 12:34 AM on July 19, 2012

2000 yen, same as in town.
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Okay... is this the point where we make our backup plan? And has everyone from the original post checked in, suggesting they've seen this one?
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Well, I was holding out hope for a midweek retreat to the backup plan, but as of yet, there's been no word from a bunch of folk, but there's no telling who's got their alerts for irl set up. I'm not really familiar with Tokyo, aside from a couple of areas.
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Sure. Wednesday doesn't exist for me due to the time change, but I think I don't start travelling until it's Wednesday for you guys. I should have wi-fi at the hostel.

I sent me-mail to monocot, who was the one person from the last post who hasn't commented here.
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It seems the Sumida River Fireworks Festival is Saturday. That could be a BBQ alternative.
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Well, it's the twenty-fourth, and there's still just two people confirmed and one maybe, so I think it's time to declare this BBQ dead.

I'd avoid the Sumida Fireworks, personally. It can be an all day slog, finding a place to sit and watch them, and there are usually around a million people (seriously) packed along the river. Then, right after the fireworks, there's the mass exodus.

Personally, I'm a fan of the Yurakucho izakayas, but if anyone else has an idea, feel free to chime in.
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Fireworks are cool, but I'd opt for dodging the crowds as well. Never been drinking in Yurakucho.
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Hey y'all, well, as I mentioned before, I couldn't come to the proposed BBQ because of a gig that night. Now, lemme just throw this out there: maybe folks could meet in Koenji (that's where my gig is) and I could meet up with the gang after my show.

This is all very theoretical, though, cause I don't know when, exactly, my band is going on that night. By the looks of the billing, we might be last. But that might still not necessarily be too late to hook up for a drink or two with y'all, if you're in Koenji. The show starts at 18:30, and there's just three bands, so it won't be super late.

Otherwise, there's the possibility that we're on earlier, so time wouldn't be so tight. OR... say we're on last, but I can catch a drink or two with the Mefiers before we play.

I can also see what kind of guest list action might be possible (I haven't played at that venue in years, so I'm not sure about their policy) but, yeah, maybe folks could catch my band's set. That could be fun!

Potential downside is that Koenji is more of a hike for ghidorah (coming from Chiba) than Yurakucho...

Anyway, I'll try to get more info SOON on the gig schedule, and maybe it could work out some way or another. Stay tuned for further details, and y'all let me know what you think of any of this.

BTW, here's the calendar page at the website for the venue, Showboat.

Here's the band, The Dosages.
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Damn, I'm sorry Ghidorah, I've been so busy I forgot to confirm the BBQ, but maybe it wouldn't have made a difference. In any case we gots to do that some day soon.

I'm definitely down for something though, I'm free that day. Um, Yurakucho would be fine with me, as would Koenji. Maybe we could meet up in Yurakucho, and then those of us who are game could head over to flapjax's gig...?
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Yeah, also, ditto Ghidorah on the fireworks, fucking hell really. Fun once or twice but you don't get to see much fireworks and you end up in an insane crowd.
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Having not really heard anything from anyone, I'm going to suggest that Flapjax's gig would probably be the best meetup point. That said, I doubt I'll make it, as it is a bit far. Apologies to hoyland, I hope you have a great trip.
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heck, it's pretty damn hard getting Tokyo Mefiers together. I'd have loved to attended Ghirorah's BBQ, and here's hoping that it can happen sometime, for sure. Maybe the early fall?

I'm not necessarily expecting anyone to show up at this Koenji gig tonight, but, hey, if you do, please step up and say METAFILTER!

Should be a fun night, several bands on the bill, Koenji and all that. Peace and love, y'all.
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Back home now. No Mefiers in Koenji! Hoyland, hope y'all are having a fine time in our fair city!

On the off-off-off chance that you or any other Mefier wants to check out the deep underground scene in Ikenoue tomorrow night (29th) I'll link here once again to my live schedule, with full info. The OBAKE YASHIKI monthly event is full of crazy stuff: a lively mix of Japanese and foreigners. Relatively unique cultural mix and very casual and agreeably rowdy vibe.

So, yeah, check out the link, hoyland, and any of you other Mefiers who have *ahem* never shown up at any of my gigs! Haha! See you there!
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Damn! And here I am only now finding out about this. Oh well. There should really be automatic location-based notification for these sorts of things.
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On a side note, I might drop by that OBAKE YASHIKI thing and say hi to Flapjax, if any other Mefiers are planning to do the same.
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My band will go on a little after nine, I think. But lots of stuff to see there before we hit. It's a fun hang.
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Well, I'm dying to know now... did anyone get together? At all?
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