Tokyo, anyone?
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Sat July 28 at 7:00 PM, Somewhere TBD (address below is dummy off Google maps)
2-23-13 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan (Map & Directions)
Meetup on Saturday the 28th of July. Somewhere in Tokyo--precisely where still under discussion.
I'll be in Tokyo the 26th to 28th of July (leaving sometime on the 29th). Clearly, this is a fine opportunity to organise a meetup thousands of miles from my home. So, anyone fancy meeting up in Tokyo?
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I've got nothing booked for those days, which is to say, I'm down for a meetup. Let's see if any other of these good-for-nothing Tokyo bums turn up here and get something going!
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I honestly can't make a set plan that far out, though if I'm in town, I'll do my best to attend. It's only the tokyoites that are good for nothing, by the by. Us Chiba Mefites are fine upstanding people.

yes, I realize I might be the only Chiba Mefite. The burden of responsibility is sometimes too much to bear
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Ghidorah, since my inlaws live in Chiba, I am something of an honorary Chiba-ite.

and since I'm such a good-for-nothing, the burden on you is indeed heavier than even you are aware.
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Hoyland, the Tokyo Mefite's might need a prod or two to get it together, but once they do you'll have a wonderful time.
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Closer to the time, I'll prod flapjax at midnight and Ghidorah to see who they can track down, I guess.
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Hoyland, that'll be the ticket. Remind us!
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Tokyo mefite social secretary, reporting for duty.
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Shit, just saw this. I'm probably down. Let's firm up these plans as we get closer...if I can put a date in my calendar then I'll just do what it tells me to do...
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So, for reference, the 26th is a Thursday, the 27th a Friday and the 28th a Saturday. I arrive at something like 4am on the 26th. I imagine that means that by the time people finish work, I'll either be refreshed and happy to socialise or my mind will be shot to hell from wandering around for 12 hours before the hostel opens. Other than that, I have no scheduling considerations.
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Add me to the list of "ask me when it's closer".
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I'll actually be in Tokyo on 28 July, I think! I could actually come to this, maybe?
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Absolutely! We need more red thoughts around here!
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Wow, another one so soon? I'll know closer to July but I'm going to pencil it in.
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Well, I think I pull into town at 7am-ish, then I have the whole day free until my travelling partner pulls in at 10pm. So anything during that time would be awesome.
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Hey cats, we are into July. Any further thoughts on making this into a real plan?
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Well, I'm still coming to Tokyo. It looks like the proposed date is the 28th, so His thoughts were red thoughts will have a chance to come. I'm not sure what to propose as the actual meetup activity/venue, though.
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I'm free as a bird on the 28th, and down for a meety-uppy, for surety.
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I just checked this thread last night to see if anything had happened. The 28th seems doable.
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Works for me.
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Well then. Whereabouts shall we meet? I don't care so much, as long as it's roughly in "Yamanote range" so to speak. Although anything in the Shibuya/Naka-Meguro/Daikanyama/Ebisu range gets bonus points from me.

The 28th is a Saturday huh? What time is good, should we do early evening-ish? I'm assuming it's going to be nasty hot, so I guess we'll want to get indoors...we can try an izakaya-ish thing but we may have a time limit, although we can always try to head somewhere else after like last time.

Anyone have any more creative ideas? I always default to the izakaya thing.
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I hesitate to throw this out there, if only because it's a bit of a hike, and for anyone visiting Japan, obviously, you'd want more of a traditional Japanese experience, but...

BBQ at my place? Sort of from the afternoon to the evening, food, booze, fun for all ages. Warning, it's in Chiba, about 40 minutes from Tokyo Station, and about a 20 minute walk from the station. I'd mentioned it before, at a previous, more aquatically themed meet-up as a way of actually getting mefites to get together. There'd have to be a certain number of people to consume meat-products (though I can do vegetarian on request...contemplating grilled/seasoned tofu). Family/kids would be definitely welcome. People with allergies to cats would most likely die. The darlings have been shedding a lot.

But then all of you would know where I live...

Anyway, let me run it by Mrs. Ghidorah. Let me know what you think.
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Whoa, Ghidorah, that sounds FANTASTIC!
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I am in favour of the Ghidorah BBQ plan. (I am a vegetarian).

The thread closed and to re-open it, I had to confirm the date and give an address. So we're fixed for the 28th, unless someone mounts a big objection. The address is some random place off Google maps that had an address in roman characters. When we have a confirmed location, hopefully someone in Japan can figure out an address that the Mefi form will recognise.
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I was thinking of maybe opening this as a new thread, if for no other reason than getting a new round of memails sent.

As for an address to use in the googles, JR Inage Station is a good starting point. It's not Tokyo, but it's not difficult to get to (can be reached by two different train lines running from different spots in Tokyo). What do you think?
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Sounds like a good idea to me Ghidorah.
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I got the okay to create a new post, which I'll do after work tonight. Honestly, though, I'd like a decent crowd, since a bbq for four or five people is a pretty sad affair.
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Yes, let's open a new post. When you do that, I'll cancel the meetup in this post. If it seems like people haven't seen that post, we can Memail the people who expressed interest here but haven't commented recently (presumably because they don't check Recent Activity).

If there are only a few people, is there somewhere between central Tokyo and Chiba we could meet up instead, to save the Ghidorah family the trouble of a tiny barbecue?
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I'll do that. When I make the post, I'll set a minimum number (which feels pretty weird, honestly) and failing that, we can set up a fall back position. In that case, Tokyo would probably end up being the best bet.
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Oh, man. I wish I'd seen this sooner. I so want to go to a Tokyo meetup someday.
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Damn it! I don't get into Tokyo until the morning of the 29th. : (
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