Koi Palace for dinner
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Tue June 26 at 6:30 PM, Koi Palace
365 Gellert Blvd, Serramonte Plaza, Daly City, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
So, Koi Palace is the Best Chinese Restaurant in the US according to some dude. And it's in Daly City, just a short hop from San Francisco. Tuesday, 6:30pm to beat the long wait for tables. I have six yeas so far, ten and we can do a fixed price menu (see menu link in discussion).
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zippy, you are awesome. I favorited the meetup comment to remind myself to go back and check IRL to see if someone had proposed it, and you one-bettered me by being all proactive and stuff.

I am in! Er, if it's Tuesday, as I'm not free Monday. So Tuesday is my vote.
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(I would also be open to other dates if this turns out to be short notice for everyone else.)
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I'm down if it's a night I'm off, but my schedule sucks so bad that it's not worth trying to schedule around.
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Thanks for following up on this!

I have a little baby and am thus a flake. Neither Monday nor Tuesday works for me.

I have eaten Sunday morning dim sum at Koi Palace, and my one piece of advice is this: The coffee-glazed ribs -- which Michael Bauer waxed on and on about in a review -- are not worth it. Spend the calories on other stuff.
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I would love to do this. Tuesday is better than Monday.
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Tuesday's better than Monday for me as well. There's a good chance I may just flake and not come at all, though, so don't plan around me.
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Koi Palace sounds interesting, but I'm truly intrigued by Jai Yun. And it's closer to me.
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I will come (unless it's a Wednesday night).
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Tuesday seems to work, but what about Thursday as a Plan B? Can I get a show of hands?

Yelp says the line for seating gets long, so I'm thinking of going on the early side. I think Koi opens at 6.
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Thursday as Plan B works for me!
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Tuesday works for me, the earlier the better :)
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I'll do a tally Friday. Get our votes in. Also, let me know how many people you'd be coming with. Koi Palace has some awesome fixed price menus that serve ten people.
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Man, you people are just really not into having meetups in accessible locations. The last one was at what, the Presidio? Hah!

Okay okay okay, I'll stop complaining and schedule a meetup already. I'm Part Of The Solution™
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done and done
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FWIW Google says 35 - 45 minutes from downtown SF via public transit.
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Today I learned Google Maps can tell people to drive/taxi in certain instances, in this case between the Colma BART station and Koi Palace. I'm thinking of bringing my folding bike onto BART to avoid having to do that.
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Sorry, meant to say earlier, a tally for who's up for Tuesday, and who's up for Thursday, including guests.
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I might be able to do any day or time that is decided upon next week. The dinner for ten intrigues me, and seems like the way to go.
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I'm up for either day, but may have trouble getting there early due to work.
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Current tally on Tuesday vs Thursday:

Tuesday: 6 Mefites say yay
Thursday: 3 Mefites say yay

Any last minute voters, chime in before noon. Also you peeps on the maybe side of the fence, if you can commit.
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Alright, peeps, Tuesday 6:30. I will send a message to the yeas and maybes with my mobile no so we can find each other there. If you haven't heard from me Sunday, send a note.

My recommendation is to eat family style, n-1 entrees for n people, and split the food bill equally (boozers pay for their drinks). Fixed price menu if we get 10 lined up in advance.
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Messages sent. If you didn't get one and are planning to come, send me a note.
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My office is in Palo Alto so I can offer rides there to south bay people who'd like one. But not back again.
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Is there anyone who could give me a ride from/to a BART station? Colma stop if you're from SF, South San Francisco stop if you're coming from the south, 2 miles to Koi Palace from either direction. PM me, please? Otherwise I'll bike it.
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Augh, apologies. I'm overwhelmed by what I have to get done in the next two days at work, would not make for lovely company. Have fun without me.
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I'll try to get there -- not sure if I will travel from SF by BART or drive. If I drive I'll post here and happy to drive others.
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Alright, I'm still in. Driving from downtown, leaving around 6; if you want a ride, let me know.
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Eugenen -- driving from downtown SF or?
posted by ClaudiaCenter at 7:51 AM on June 26, 2012

Yeah. Looks like ClaudiaCenter and I are meeting at Clay and Battery at 6 to drive down. If anyone wants to join, just let me know so we can look for you.
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I will sadly be unable to make it, because I don't think I'll be able to get out of work on time today. Boo. :( Someone please post a dinner report! And maybe we can try for another one of the Bay Area places on the list.
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I'm coming from the East Bay, leaving here around 5-5:30. If anyone wants a ride from Berkeley or Oakland, let me know.
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I'm sitting this one out.
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We have six (give or take) on the list here and another 3 via phone, so made a reservation for nine people at 6:30 under my name.

If you don't already know my name, and want to, send me a note. We can probably fit more at the table, so maybes, you're welcome to show.
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I'm in. memail me your reservation name, please.
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Memail it to me too, please.
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Trapped at work. Will have to catch the next one.
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Two of us are stuck in traffic but en route !! Claudia and eugenen
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I'm at Koi Palace with chairface. Three so far, come on down.
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Super fun, guys and gal, thanks for organizing, zippy. Who knew that donuts at a Chinese restaurant would be so good?
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Yeah, thanks for organizing, the food was very creative and had a lot of unexpectedly tasty flavor pairings.

I am also glad that we resisted the pull of smartphone WIkipedia for so long and tried to actually recall things as a group.
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I had a fine time meeting all of you.

And mmm, suckling pig. Prawns with pumpkin and taro. Gelatinous things from the sea. Also donuts that were almost-custardy beignets.
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Don't forget the Prometheus Duck Eggs and Jellyfish.
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