Jean Paul Gaultier at the de Young Museum
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JP fashion exhibit! I read the reviews when this debuted and it is supposed to be fantastic. It also "contains adult themes." What more could we ask for?
I had a great time hosting the Autodesk Gallery tour, and would love to do another meet-up. This may be more challenging as it (a) costs money ($20) and (b) requires actual commitment to attend (because see (a)).

However, I am up for the challenge. If we get a minimum of 10 people, we could "have access to priority booking and private tours". Imagine if we guaranteed 20 people! I bet I could talk them into some extras.

Let me know if you would like to see fashion, cone-shaped bras, and other fabulousness. I will also volunteer to arrange the appropriate before and/or after drinks venue. Please provide feedback on date/time: the exhibit is open until August. I originally proposed June 8th but must postpone because of a family emergency.
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This is indeed a really good exhibit. I went in not knowing diddly about haute couture and wound up fascinated.
posted by zippy at 2:05 AM on May 5, 2012

Oh no, that's the day of an event to which I know many MeFite ladies are going. But I'd definitely be interested in going at some point.
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This sounds like it could be a good time. You said “a random Saturday”, but the date/time is Friday the 8th.

Saturday June 9th works for me, but let's do something a bit later than 930 AM, which is patently absurd.
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Also, there are drinks and bands on Friday nights ... I've been to the JPG show but would go again. It's rad.
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spitefulcrow, the form made me put in a date. (I'll take the blame on the 9:30, though.) obloquy, Friday with drinks and bands sounds superb! I like drinkers with my fashion.
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Argh, with the Fridays again. I vote not Friday.
posted by spitefulcrow at 2:32 PM on May 8, 2012

This sounds like a lot of fun! I'm coming from Palo Alto though, so if there is any chance that it would shift to Saturday, that would obviously work better for me.
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I can do either day, if senior citizens are allowed. ;-)
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Also in Palo Alto; I could do Friday the 8th or Saturday the 9th. This looks really interesting.
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Hm. Drinks, you say? Friday it is. I have no further objections to the 8th, though I will probably be a bit later than 6:30 PM.
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Sounds like a good time. I'm in though I'm coming from Mountain View. Is anyone in the south bay interested in carpooling?
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I'd be interested in carpooling from the south bay--in the sense that I have no car, and would be happy to take advantage of someone else's. =)
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MeMail me with your contact info and location if you wish to carpool from the South and I'll see what I can arrange. You don't have to be super specific if you're paranoid but I do need some kind of guidance.
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Is this happening?
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Sounds like this isn't happening on the 8th. FWIW, most Fri & Sats good 4 me.
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