PDX harvest fest/potluck
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I know several of us grow vegetable gardens. Is there any interest in an autumnal harvest-themed food meetup? Not sure what the best month would be; wouldn't necessarily have to be at the very end of autumn. Take some foodstuffs you've grown and either bring it raw or as (part of) a dish of some kind.
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I think a vegetable swap would be fun. I haven't really gotten started planting this year yet, but I'm sure I'll have too much of something. Maybe August or later?

If anyone homebrews, or has eggs, or smokes delicious bacons, maybe we could include something like that too? I don't know what will eventually come of it, but my house has smelled like dandelion wine all day today.

Are we dirty hippies, or just Portlanders?
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Ooh! Homebrew! I can do that!! (even if I do buy my ingredients at a store)

And I'll cop to being both, Secretariat.
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We might have to do this a few times a year since not everything comes into season at the same time. For example, we get a ton of blueberries around mid-July and usually end up leaving 1/2 for the birds because two people can only pick so many blueberries. You think initially "Hey, berries!" and then when you go out every morning and pick blueberries for an hour or two you think "I will never eat all these. This is dumb."
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I have previously baked a blueberry pie.
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I love this idea!

We don't have a garden (*sniff*) but we can pick blueberries and make jam like there's no tomorrow! We've also cured meats, preserved and pickled lotsa stuff, made ketchup, cordials, etc. etc. so if anyone has a glut of something that needs preserving or whatnot we could do it and share.
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It is a notion!
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Once the new ladies start a-layin' I'll have more eggs than at which a stick could reasonably be shaken, but realistically that's not 'til mid-to-late summer.

We have a shitload of garlic that needs harvesting right soon, though. Gotta make room for the spring planting...
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Just noticed the ignoresupermarkets tag.
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Well that's more jokey than anything.
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For some reason I had forgotten until now that my little apple tree in the back yard will end up giving me more apples than dersins will have eggs, at around the same time (August-September). The only pie recipes I've managed to master are pecan and pumpkin - and even then I have to use store-bought crusts. So maybe, I dunno, applesauce or apple butter?
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(i removed the ignoresupermarkets tag because what's a harvest-y fest without some baked goods? and it's unlikely any of us are growing grains for flours)
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Pie crust isn't so hard to make. Or maybe I'm just not too picky. A great pie crust is nice, but a so-so pie crust is also ok. It's really just something to hold the pie together.

Pie crust also got a lot easier when I bought a food processor.
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Oh I knew the tag was jokey; I thought it was funny.

TheDonF makes killer pie crust and puff pastry. Butterlicious.
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Total lack of commitment. We should all be churning our own butter. Supermarkets are for the weak and unresourceful.
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You first, mimo...show us the Way! :-)

Me, I'm quite resourceful and skilled - just in ways that don't include living in the Little House on the Prairie. You'll have to pry my store-bought coffee from my cold dead enervated hands.
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