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4 attending
2 maybe

Monthly Brooklyn Board Game Meetup (December)

Same old, same old. Bring your games, bring your food, bring your drinks. We start at 2pm.
Brooklyn, NY at ocherdraco's apartment (#4D, buzzer #407), 2PM by ocherdraco - 6 comments

Next Two Weeks

4 attending
12 maybe

Friday, December 26 NYC meetup

edit: Friday, December 26 at the 4th Ave Pub it is then! See you all there! Original: NY Mefites! I'll be in New York from Christmas Day till New Year and I'd like to meet any and all of you. My schedule is open so far* and a date between 26-30 would probably work best. I'll be staying in Brooklyn (near DeKalb Ave) though venturing outside the borough is fine too if most people prefer that. Shall we have the last meetup of 2014? [more inside]
Brooklyn, NY at 4th Avenue Pub, 5:30PM by ersatz - 26 comments

Fun Stats: Brooklyn, NY has had 85 meetups, 7 performances, 1 presentation, 3 exhibitions, and 1 etc. event.