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Fall meetup in Dukes County

So we were talking at the 20th party and... [more inside]
posted by vrakatar on Jul 20, 2019 - 4 comments

What I Need Is a Strong Drink and a Peer Group

Is it time for a pre-holiday-season pub meetup? (Hint: It is!) [more inside]
posted by Greg_Ace on Oct 20, 2018 - 34 comments

Autumn Gathering / Bojack Horseman Season 5!

Hi all - Bojack Horseman Season 5 airs on Netflix in 2 weeks, on Friday 9/14. Since we’ve done a Bojack meetup the past couple of years, I wanted to gauge interest in doing another one this year. It sounds like that weekend doesn't work for ya'll, so now I'm leaning towards an Autumn get-together a weekend in October, and we can watch Bojack if folks want, and eat, drink and be merry :-) [more inside]
posted by FireFountain on Aug 31, 2018 - 7 comments

Visiting New York

I want to take a weekend trip up to New York in September or October, and I'd like to come at a time when I can meet up with New York MeFites! So, is there a specific date when I should (or should not) head up? Specific place where you would (or would not) want to meet? In short, when exactly are you all free? [more inside]
posted by rue72 on Aug 30, 2018 - 8 comments

Housewarming/Pumpkin Carving

We're having a Housewarming/Pumpkin Carving party, and after last night's Billy Goat meet-up, I feel confident enough to invite The Internet to my house. This starts early, so feel free to stop by before your usual Saturday night stuff. [more inside]
posted by booknerd on Oct 7, 2010 - 7 comments

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