Fall meetup in Dukes County
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So we were talking at the 20th party and...
If people want to do a fall MV weekend party meetup thing, it can be done but I am way to busy to organize it. I know some houses we can rent and have good leads on local stuff, but if this is going to work and be affordable to attend, food and booze and supplies should be secured off-island and brought by the group.

So I can put us on the path, but a working group of gathering-throwing wizards would need to do most of the planning.

I talked about this idea with Miko a couple of years ago so she might be a good person to invite to join the cabal.

Based on today's date, I'd say early Oct. is the earliest reasonable time frame, but even a good plan for later or next year would be fun.

Any volunteers? Or is this just too complicated?
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We were talking about going to the island around that time, so count us as interested. I could also fly folks over from greater Boston if we work out the logistics.
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As I mentioned at the 20th party, I've never been to MV, so I'm probably not somebody who should be involved in organizing it, but I'd definitely be interested in going.
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If we pull this off, you are in charge of the deviled eggs, stokes.

Oct 10-14, a Thursday to a Monday, that's a good working date. I'll poke around for a house to rent and get back with a breakdown on costs, but remember costs come down with more humans, as long as we don't overcrowd the house. If it takes off I can help late rsvpS find walking distance B and B, hotel, or other options.

So we got a working date, we got the eggs covered, we got an Air Wing...we need: Main organizer, good with spreadsheets and email, food and/or bev wrangler, tho food will be potlucked cuz that's how mefi rolls, but we should have a core food plan and I will help with the beverages.

Alternate much easier plan especially for a small gathering, pick date come to MV I'll take a day off and we grill.
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