Visiting New York
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I want to take a weekend trip up to New York in September or October, and I'd like to come at a time when I can meet up with New York MeFites! So, is there a specific date when I should (or should not) head up? Specific place where you would (or would not) want to meet? In short, when exactly are you all free?
I'm coming from DC, probably on the bus.
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I'm free Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday
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It's looking like Sat 9/22 & Sun 9/23 would be a good weekend for me to come -- would people be free those days?

Starlybri, would that particular Sat work for you?

I unfortunately ran out of PTO after an August vacation, so I'm coming up after work on Fri (will get to the city at 11-12 at night), and then leaving on Sunday evening. Not sure where I'm staying yet, but probably a hostel on the LES.
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What're you looking to do? Food? Drink? Activity? Borough/neighborhood preference?
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The two things that I want to do in NY are: go surfing in Rockaway and finally see Wicked. But I don't have anything scheduled yet and can be flexible otherwise.

I guess absolutely ideal for me personally would be getting together for brunch on the LES either Saturday or Sunday, or for dinner/drinks on the LES on Saturday. But if anybody is feeling an itch to for more tourist-y stuff (or just something more interesting than the above), that works, too!
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Brunch sounds nice to me (though I don't have any helpful ideas for an actual venue).
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Unfortunately, I've just had a lot of annoying expenses hit me unexpectedly at me at once (car, dentist, phone, etc). So I'm going to have to postpone my trip for a couple months.

But hopefully we can all have brunch together in late fall or winter instead -- rain check?
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Do you like dim sum? I'm sure I'll be posting for a January dim sum meetup again, so, you're welcome to come to that when it happens.
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That sounds awesome, oh yeah! At the risk of exposing myself as an ignoramus, I actually haven't had dim sum before -- but I'd love to try. OK, I'll plan on a January trip up instead :)
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