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February 14

0 attending
1 maybe

The Empress' Golden Jubilee (Birthday) in New Orleans

Attention New Orleans-area Mefites! The Empress' 50th Birthday falls on Mardi Gras this year, and I am making an Imperial Tour to your city. Let me know if you'd like to meet (informally or separately, perhaps). [more inside]

January 17

0 attending
7 maybe

Non-bar Seattle meetup?

I like the Allegro coffeehouse, the last of the places that let me hang out and meet new (and new old) people in Seattle. [more inside]

January 10

0 attending
1 maybe

St. Louis area meetup brainstorming

St. Louis MeFites want to get together, but not on 3 days notice. Let's use this to discuss where and when we might meet up with a little more notice this time. [more inside]

January 8

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0 maybe

Last-minute St. Louis meetup idea: Schlafly Cabin Fever 1/11/20

I just moved to the area and have no one to go to Schlafly's Cabin Fever this Saturday. I'd like to meet some MeFites around here so might as well throw it out there - anyone interested in a last-minute 1/11/20 meetup from noon to 4? Links with details inside. [more inside]

January 7

0 attending
4 maybe

Meetup at WisCon 44

Hi, Madison! WisCon is a feminist science fiction & fantasy convention held annually in Madison, Wisconsin. It's during U.S. Memorial Day Weekend — May 22-25, 2020. We could meet up! Kind of like last year. Maybe Sunday afternoon at HopCat? That worked last time. [more inside]