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October 27, 2015

3 attending
12 maybe

Tea tasting!

No problem changing time or day - just wanted to move it to confirmed. [more inside]
Queens, NY at Fang Gourmet Tea, 11AM by taupe - 38 comments

January 17, 2015

4 attending
4 maybe

Food for the birthday god 2015 edition

I would like to celebrate my birthday with much food. Anybody up for a trip to Dumpling Galaxy? (previously). Moving this to Sunday 1/25 instead of the 24th, due to the winter storm advisory in effect that day.
Queens, NY at Dumpling Galaxy, 1PM by oh yeah! - 23 comments

May 16, 2014

8 attending
5 maybe

Meet up in Astoria

We all talked about it last night, it's time to give Queens a chance. Crescent lounge is a great, chill place for a meetup, and it is two short blocks away from the Broadway St N stop. There are lots of couches, drinks are very cheap by NYC standards, and there are board games. [more inside]
Queens, NY at Cresent Lounge, 7PM by overhauser - 19 comments

June 19, 2011

3 attending
2 maybe

Father Stynxno

My husband Stynxno just finished his first year of seminary, and is working as a hospital chaplain this summer. He'll be guest preaching at our church, Trinity Lutheran Church (ELCA), on Sunday July 3rd at 10:30 a.m. [more inside]
Queens, NY at Trinity Lutheran Church, 10:30AM by ThePinkSuperhero - 17 comments

April 12, 2011

2 attending
1 maybe

Geeky standup comedy

Sumana Harihareswara [that's me, brainwane] is performing half an hour of geeky standup at an Astoria bookstore. 7-7:30pm, Thursday, April 21st. There's a cafe upstairs and lots of bars and restaurants nearby. Admission is free.
Queens, NY at Seaburn Bookstore, 7PM by brainwane - 4 comments

February 15, 2011

0 attending
0 maybe

Babycastles indie video game/music venue

It is in Ridgewood. Here is a NYT article about it. I hope you can read it. It seems like getting together and trying out some of their games would be good.

February 4, 2011

10 attending
7 maybe

Karaoke in Astoria!

It's time for some karaoke in Astoria at Karaoke Shout! [more inside]
Queens, NY at Karaoke Shout, 8PM by ThePinkSuperhero - 47 comments

August 26, 2010

7 attending
3 maybe

All you can eat Korean BBQ

With the weather beginning to cool down I was wondering if anyone wanted to head out to Flushing and grill some meat at Picnic Garden? While lunch is the cheapest, I've heard that week day dinner has a better selection for price. So thinking some time in September. How's it sound?
Queens, NY at 14742 Northern Boulevard, 8PM by kkokkodalk - 52 comments