All you can eat Korean BBQ
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Fri September 17 at 8:00 PM, 14742 Northern Boulevard
147-42 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
With the weather beginning to cool down I was wondering if anyone wanted to head out to Flushing and grill some meat at Picnic Garden? While lunch is the cheapest, I've heard that week day dinner has a better selection for price. So thinking some time in September. How's it sound?
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Yes please.
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I assume this does not offer much to vegetarians?
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I assume this does not offer much to vegetarians?

There is if you like kimchi and rice!

Joke aside, they have a selection of other prepared food items that does not involve grilling meat, like fried rice and I think some sushi-type things and noodles as well as salads and veggie side dishes (and seafood, if you're not a super strict vegetarian). Though saying this place is "vegetarian-friendly" would involve very creative interpretation and creative food selection =( . I wish I had a more definitive answer, but easy answer is, no, not so much, but if you're up to the challenge, you can probably figure something out.

Also, for anyone who has never been to a Korean BBQ place, you will smell like grilled meats afterwards. Your hair especially. So yea, don't have like a date or something planned after this or else you'll show up smelling like you've been sitting in a smokehouse all day curing meats. Or maybe it'll help you get laid! Depends on your date.
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Picture of "veggies" and corn. You can always eat a lot of ssam with some lettuce and ssam jang...if that helps. Ssam bab is a fine and decent meal. I think they might have soups and other items as well. I mean, easiest way is to think of it like a Brazilian steak place. You can probably find some veggie-friendly items, it's just that the menu probably won't be geared towards that.
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This sounds awesome. I am completely pro-, and thanks for suggesting it.
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I just moved to New York and have been meaning to explore Queens a little. This sounds fun!
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I'm in, for once, depending on the date.
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Sounds great!
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I haven't abandoned this thread! Just bogged down with work stuff that I can't sit to think about dates and details. Give me another couple of hours.
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All right, so weekday is starting to look like a no go. My end time at work is way more malleable than I'd like it to be, but Friday usually seems to be a guaranteed reasonable time out day. I was looking to the weekend of the 10th or 17th. How are people's schedules looking for those Fridays?

I'd propose we try to meet around 7:30 or 8 pm, since it is in Flushing and I'm sure everyone's going to need a little time to get there.

Same deal as with Pocha. If you think you're a maybe I'm going to count you as a no, only because I need to keep on eye on the number of definite yes's and if we need to start debating reservations (believe it or not, a place with all-you-can-eat-meat is pretty popular).
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Shit, you know what, I really dislike how this IRL stuff makes crap seem so wishy-washy. Balls to the wall, I'm just going to set it for the 17th and if too many people can't make it, we'll cross that edit bridge when we get to it.
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I agree about the wishy-washy IRL thing, it seems to discourage firm meetups.
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This sounds fantastic!
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A Meat Up!
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There's so many times I've typed in trying to get here, and each time I furious hit the stop button on the chance that I'm going to stumble on some sort of porn site I really don't want to know about.
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Just don't go to That's the one you really want to avoid.
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Hm, I'll have to work out my ability to juggle mass transit. It seems like driving through the area at rush hour on friday (even going "against the flow") could be asking for trouble.
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Yea, I not going to lie. I've got half the mind to just take the LIRR out there.
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LIRR would be a new transit system for me and for some reason that's adding motivation to my already extremely great motivation to eat good Korean BBQ.
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Huh. I've never taken a bus to Queens before, but there's an express bus four blocks away from me that apparently drops you one block from the restaurant. Can you use a metrocard on those buses?
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Yea I'm not sure how those express buses work. However, I've totally done the take the 7 to Main Street stop, then hop on an MTA bus thing to go to some other restaurant located near the Murray Hill LIRR stop. It's doable, just annoying. And if you've never been up in those parts or know where you're going, a night time bus ride is a little nerve-wracking if you don't like getting lost.

Fun fact, the area around Murray Hill is known for being a "mukja golmok," (lit. "eating way" but more like restaurant row) so there's like a bunch of food place around there. Picnic Garden's up on Northern, so you'll probably see a couple if you get off at that stop and walk up.
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If you have an unlimited card, it's not the same pricing and I don't know how that would work. I wonder if you could pay the difference?

I know that if you have a card with money on it, you can pay the express pricing with the card. So if you get a, say, 8 dollar card you could use that.
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Cool. I have a non-unlimited card.

Okay, so what's the deal with Murray Hill not being where it's supposed to be?
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Amusingly enough, I am about a tenth of a mile away from the Murray Hill station right now... in New Jersey.
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I think we'd probably be interested in going to the restaurant via Express Bus- which bus is it?
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Yeah, it seems that I'll be taking the LIRR at some point as well. Which is weird but not unusual. I don't do the bus thing. I guess I have a bus phobia. But the thought of trying to figure out bus stops in Queens just doesn't work for me. So the F train to the A to the LIRR to the mare's shank works.

See everyone there.
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Shank's mare. Dammit!
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Friendly reminder that MEAT UP '10 is in about a week or so. I'll probably start asking people to get more firm about their plans to attend over the weekend or the beginning of next week.
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Also, still looking for name of the express bus.
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Just changed myself to a yes. I can get off work early enough on Friday to make it.
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Wow, Kk, more yeses than maybes. I gotta check the ground to see if it's cold. ;-)
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Sorry, after a bit of research, I think it will take me about 3 hours to get there.
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Oh shit, it's Thursday, isn't it?

All right, gang. The game plan. I'm going to assume that the grand total of people showing up are whatever the number of definite yeses when I check before going to bed tonight.

This means tomorrow after a wait of 5 or 10 min., or if a headcount of 7 people are reached, whichever comes first, we're going in and grabbing a table. Obviously, there's a chance that we won't sit down exactly at 8 depending on how busy the place is and all that, but do realize that we'll be asking for a table for the number of people there, so you may have to fend for yourself if you're arriving later than 15 minutes.

I can't guarantee I'll be checking this space since I'll be at work tomorrow, so if you haven't said yes tonight, and still want to come, show up on time so you can be included in the headcount.

I hope transportation tomorrow recovers from the crazy ass weather today.
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We will be taking the express bus!
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Pardon my lateness in replying. But I am in.

See yez there!
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I plan on being there.
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Yom Kippur starts tonight, so I can't go.
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Anyone know if the LIRR is still experiencing delays due to yesterday's storm. I'm trying to call their info line but it's constantly busy.
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From what I heard this morning, everything but the Port Washington line was back to normal.
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I'm at what I think is the right block, but I don't see the place or any merited.
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ThAt was spellcheck fixing "mefites
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On the 7 heading home. Very cool seeing you all.
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I do smell like meat!
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Who wants more intestines? Speak up!
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I was followed home by a pack of feral dogs. Anyone hungry?
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I still smell like meat =/

Thanks for showing up everyone. Even though I ended up being the late one (oh, the hilarity), I'm glad everyone found the place and ate lots of meat.
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