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Victoria, BC meetup 9/25

In Victoria for the day and hoping to meet some local mefites! Tentative plan is the Bard and Banker around 7p but am very open to other suggestions.
Victoria, BC at Bard and Banker, 7PM by curious nu - 4 comments

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Learn fencing in Victoria BC!

Make new friends, then stab them!! My fencing club is offering an 8 week beginners fencing class starting Wednesday January 9. [more inside]
Victoria, BC at Royal Oak Middle School, 7:30PM by chapps - 0 comments

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Johnny Wallflower in Victoria, BC

We're visiting family there next month and I'd love to meet some Canadian MeFites in the flesh. We're staying near the Emily Carr statue and residence, so a cultural outing would be swell. It looks like the only day we'll have free is 9/11. Is anybody available then?

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Victoria (and area), BC meetup

Let's overcome our reserved reputation and meet each other IRL! [more inside]
Victoria, BC by atropos on Aug 3, 2016 - 4 comments

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Meetup in Victoria BC?

I will be on Vancouver Island in a month. In a tentative feelers for a meetup last year, I suggested the totally apt FIAMO in Victoria for a meetup. Does Saturday May 3rd suit anybody to meet there?

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Let's drink some beers

Beer and shenanigans at Spinnakers. [more inside]
Victoria, BC at Spinnakers, 7PM by bethnull - 18 comments

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OrcaJam: 48 Hour Game Jam!

OrcaJam is a "GameJam" along the lines of the Global Game Jam, or TIGJams, or other game-development Jams you might have heard of. If you haven't heard of them, no worries! It's really quite simple. [more inside]
Victoria, BC at Travellers Inn - City Center, 6PM by weasel - 1 comment