Victoria, BC meetup 9/25
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Wed September 25 at 7:00 PM, Bard and Banker
1022 Government St, Victoria, BC V8W 1X7, Canada (Map & Directions)
In Victoria for the day and hoping to meet some local mefites! Tentative plan is the Bard and Banker around 7p but am very open to other suggestions.
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I have an inconveniently timed massage therapy appointment on Thursday night (7-8:30) but am open to meeting before or after that, or on Wednesday or Friday if you're free another night.

I'm off work on Wednesday, so could be coerced into doing a day hike then.
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I changed my travel plans a bit so Wednesday eve sounds good! Planning on being in the city tomorrow for the most part I think (museum and.. dunno what else yet). Is there a spot you’d recommend?
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(Just random yelp-ing — going to try Irish Times tonight, possibly Bard & Banker tomorrow? Up for music or just hang out and chat, possibly with cribbage?)
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Am outside in red jacket — place looking maybe slightly fancier than I was thinking! Might be worth heading elsewhere?
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