Let's drink some beers
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Sun April 14 at 7:00 PM, Spinnakers
308 Catherine Street, Victoria, BC V9A 3S8, Canada (Map & Directions)
Beer and shenanigans at Spinnakers.
I've overthought enough, and decided to go with a Sunday night at Spinnakers. Water view, good beer, good food, downtownish, wifi, pool tables, and trivia later in the night. They don't take reservations in the pub area, so it's a bit risky, but I'm going to try to get in a bit early to nab a table, hopefully by the windows.

There's a boozy, dishevelled photo of me in my profile, which is probably a good representation of what I'll look like by the time you all get there. Let's do this!
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I'd love to meet some local MeFites but I'm on Mayne Island and my ability to leave is limited. I could probably make it to a meetup if it's between 1:30pm and 3:30pm in Sidney/North Saanich on a weekday. Anything else is not possible between responsibilities at home and ferry schedules. Given the unlikelyhood that those times are going to work for anyone else, I don't expect I'll be able to attend.
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Very much up for a meetup. I'm afraid I can't easily make it to North Saanich mid-day on a weekday, as I live and work downtown, but a Sunday pub meetup sounds good and relaxed. April 14th perhaps?
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Another option would be to head out to the islands for a meetup, I still haven't been to any of them and would be curious to visit most anywhere.
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Definitely up for a meetup! Weekends or evenings are best for me.
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If you come to Whidbey Island I'd love to go! But even though it's close geographically, it's a 4-hr ferry ride between us, and that's just one way... pretty scenery but kind of a long way to go for a beer...
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I live in James Bay. Evenings work best. Someplace kid friendly would be a bonus, but not a dealbreaker.
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I could swing by Victoria on a weekday evening (if it happens downtown Victoria) or on a weekend in the general area (as I would take the ferry). Can't do weekdays though.
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Sounds fun! I am in Gordon Head (Saanich) and pretty portable to go to downtown VIctoria or Sidney/North Saanich as needed.

Also, among weekdays Wednesdays and evenings are also good for me. Saturday can also work for me.
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I'm an irregular-schedule type person myself. I work Monday through Thursday evenings (unless I get selected for jury duty next week, which would totally flip my life around for a bit).

An island visit would be brilliant, but maybe not for our first outing :)

I'm liking pahalial's suggestion of April 14th, which seems like it could work for me, pahalial, robzster, KokuRyu and seawallrunner? Correct me if I'm wrong. Alternately we could do the 12th or 13th (I'll even skip Saturday swing dancing for you lovely folk) if that allows us to include chapps.

I think downtown is the easiest area to aim for, and we can totally do a kid-friendly restaurant instead of a pub. Despite not knowing anything about it beyond the name, I'm tempted to suggest Fiamo as a venue, because, well, THE NAME. KokuRyu, I'm putting you in charge of deciding what will work for the tastes and sensibilities of the young proto-mefites.
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Actually, I think kid-friendly is a nice to have, and they would get bored anyway, so let's not worry about it.

Just curious what day is going to work best. It seems like a Friday or Sunday evening is best right (swing dancing is on Saturday, right?)

I think for me a space that isn't too noisy (I'm hard of hearing) would be best. Fiamo sounds like it has a quiet area (it's been years since I've been there)

I'll also throw out the idea of

- WiFi?
- Beer selection with a la carte eats?
- water view or close to water?
- funky?
- cheaper?

While Fiamo sounds like a fine choice, for the sake of selection, I'm going to throw out:

- Fiamo
- Lido Bistro by Hyack Air (waterfront view, relaxed atmosphere)
- The Superior (funky atmosphere)
- The Swiftsure (I know, I know, totally low rent, but on the water kinda, not too crowded, right downtown)
- new Garrick's Pub (just been renovated)
- The Office (or whatever it's called now) on Yates (lots of space)
- Ferris' Oyster Bar (lots of space in the back)
- Bon Rouge (pretty good food, nice space)
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Oh, rats, I didn't see April 14. Sounds good to me.
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I can't say I've been to Fiamo, but if kid-friendly isn't required I'd tend more towards a pub. The new Garrick's Head location is nice but they have yet to give it some personality, and it can get loud easily. I'll throw a vote towards some of the waterfront standbys: Lido Bistro, Flying Otter, Swiftsure, Canoe club, Spinnakers, etc.

Really though, quite happy to go wherever!
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Great! Just remembering at the last MetaFilter meetup I brought my kids to, they got bored and started destroying things, and I ended up sending them home.

Since we have out of town folks travelling for the meetup (tentatively scheduled for April 14), where would they like to go?

Are there any considerations?
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I will be there!
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Woo! Two-person meetup! Pahalial and I came fourth place in trivia and found out that we have both slept in the same bed (though not at the same time...).
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Oh poop, I forgot to check on this thread. Well maybe next time. I kick ass at geography trivia but not so much the other kinds.
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No worries, Rumple. We'll do another. We could definitely have used some help on that "bodies of water" section though.
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Yeah, it was a grand ol' time! Plus, this way it's easy to get a better turnout next time.
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