Denver, would you like to meet up with some dude going to a conference?
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I'm going to 360 MacDev in Denver. So, I've got Thursday and Saturday (Feb. 2 and 4) evenings to kill. I'd love to kill one of them with some MeFites! Is anyone up for hanging out somewhere in downtown Denver any of those nights?
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Actually, I do not have Friday free. So, Feb. 2 OR Feb. 4.
posted by ignignokt at 9:04 AM on February 1, 2012

Eeek. Short notice. Maybe Saturday. But I need to clear it with mission control.

Also, this didn't send out the usual MeFi mail for a nearby IRL event, it just happened to catch my eye. Not sure whether you can somehow trigger it and lure others...
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Yeah, sorry about that! I didn't realize until today that I was going to have a lot of time to kill.

I'll look into the notification thing!
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Oh, you know what? I think those always go out at 3 AM. All of the ones I've ever received did.
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Hmm.... maybe I can do Thursday instead. I will let you know! I work downtown near 16th and Welton so that could be quite easy for me.

(That makes sense about the 3am notifications--guess it's not geared to the last minute meet-up!)
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Nails, do you have a recommendation for a place? If so, I'm willing to call it for Thursday at 7, and just see who shows up!

(Also, did you get a meetups near you MeMail?)
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If you're at the Embassy Suites then Marlowes isn't a terrible option.

In LoDo we also have Freshcraft (never been but looks good and a forthcoming meetup is to be held there). The Falling Rock also in LoDo is a MeFi fave too.

I'm still up in the air as to whether I can make it. I work practically above Marlowes but depending on the snow this afternoon, I may need to leave early so can't commit yet. Sorry to be a (snow)flake.
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Hey ignignokt (thank goodness for copy & paste), if you still want to do something tonight let me know. I'll be heading home soon but can always pop out for a cheeky one or two.
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Oh and yes, I got the meetup MeMail.
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I'm up for dinner! Sent you a MeMail!
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Thanks again for coming out, Nails! It was good talking cats and Romney.
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Thank you! I enjoyed it too. Great meeting you. I just hope for your sake that we don't get the record breaking snow storm that Channel 9 is talking up right now. (It's a slow news day...)

And I am loving Freshcraft. Great beer--looking forward to the meet-up next weekend.
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