Brummies, let's go to the pub
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I propose a meetup in sunny Birmingham at some point in the near future.
As suggested in these answers about accordians, I propose a meetup in Birmingham, some time in February/March.

I guess a city centre pub would be most convenient. And I like Saturday afternoons.

Other than that, I have no particular ideas. (And I haven't even been to a meetup before, so if someone else knows what they're doing, that would be helpful.)
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Seconded! So far I've chickened out of both meetups that I've said I would come to. Here's hoping 3rd time's a charm. I don't really know Birmingham well enough to have any good suggestions, but I live close and I also like Saturday afternoons.
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I can probably make something on a Saturday afternoon... does depend on workload at the time though.

Last meetup I went to in Birmingham was in the Wellington, and while I'm not suggesting we have to go there again, I do enjoy the selection of ale.
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I've only ever been to one meetup, and that was safely far away in the US, but I live half an hour from Brum so should really try to make this one! Saturday afternoons can be good but in Feb/Mar I can only make 25 Feb, 3 March (maybe), 17 March, 24 March (maybe) and 31 March.

As for where: has anyone been to the new Post Office Vaults? I haven't been, but it looks promising, and is near New Street which will be good for anyone coming by train.
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I have just this minute come from the Vaults. They have a large and intresting selection of beers and ciders. It's not large inside but 'twas easy to get served. I would recommend it.
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Wow. England is on fire for MeFi meetups these days. I just wanted to comment here, for recent activity purposes and the small outside chance that I might make it to this.
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Put me down as small outside chance. I've got plans to be in Birmingham some weekend in the next month or two, so if it coincides, so much the better.
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I like the idea of a Saturday afternoon pint, and I could make some of those suggested dates. Not 24 March, though, and probably not 31 either. Anyone want to fix on one of the earlier ones?
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17th March is St Patrick's day, and I'll probably have something going on at home... but if that ends up being the consensus, I don't mind, I might make it. I can't do 24th March either.
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Oops, can no longer do 31 March. Anyone else fancy stating their availability so we can coalesce around a date? If it ends up being one I can't do, then that's a shame, but I'm sure we can organise another in the future.
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Ooh, only just spotted this. I will check back in to see if anything is arranged - March is pretty booked up but a lunchtime may well be doable.
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I can do almost any weekend in Feb. and March, apart from 4 Feb and 31 March. It looks like the only date no one has ruled out so far is 25 Feb. Does that seem to work?
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I can probably do that date.
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Likewise. Shall we firm that up?
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25 Feb is still OK for me.
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Ok, so now do we have to decide on where? Post Office Vaults was mentioned above, but I know nothing about it. Suggestions?
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The only place I've been in Birmingham is The Victoria. It looks nice on the inside and is also close to New Street Station, but a bit crowded on a weekday evening. No idea what it's like on a Saturday afternoon. Ultimately, I'm easy to please and will happily go anywhere.
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If this is still set for 25 February I'm afraid I can't make it any more. In any case, this needs at some point to be changed from a "proposed meetup" to an actual one...
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I just came in to say the same thing as above. Turns out I have to go away this weekend. Ah well. Maybe next time.
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Looks like this may have evaporated, then--I can't make it either.
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