A New Hope, er, Bar (Re-Rescheduled!)
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Tue November 15 at 7:00 PM, Little Woodrow's EaDo
2019 Walker St, Houston, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
Our variably-named pub trivia team has been invited to a different venue in Houston for our next get together, and we're re-rescheduling it!
We've kept trying to get a group to go here on Tuesdays for Geeks Who Drink trivia (partly due to the advent of hockey season at the Maple Leaf), but it seems like Real Life has interfered each time.

So, let's try again!
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I like this place! And I wish I could be there on the 15th! I'll be back in for some trivia in 2012! Promise!
posted by jph at 7:07 AM on November 10, 2011

My suggestion for our team name:

rick. rick. rick.

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Of course, "rick. rick. rick." has the added meaning of referring to a certain politician...
posted by Gridlock Joe at 12:09 PM on November 13, 2011

I may be out for the duration of the holidays. I have to start working on various taxes and stuff for work and there's still my busted shoulder to consider. Have fun y'all!
posted by PapaLobo at 6:49 AM on November 14, 2011

FYI parking is going to be a pain tonight. The Houston Press Music Awards are tonight at Warehouse Live, right across the street.
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We are here.
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I might be late/no show. Got roped into some tech support for a bunch of dentists...
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How did y'all do, and how did you y'all like the new venue? Inquiring and up way too early minds want to know!
posted by PapaLobo at 3:19 AM on November 16, 2011

We pretty much sucked. It was a lot of movie questions, and as you know, we don't do well on those. I believe we came in 5th, in a not very large field. But it was much easier to hear, and it's a nice enough place. The quizmaster was good, too.

They don't serve food, but there was a food truck outside that was good. Not sure if he's there all the time, though - I think it might have been just because of the Houston Press awards going on across the street.
posted by MexicanYenta at 11:56 AM on November 16, 2011

The venue was OK, though I'm not a fan of the neighborhood.

Here is another option: Little Woodrow's Midtown has Geeks who Drink on Wednesdays at 8:30, plus they have steak night on Wednesdays. I think they might be worth a try.
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