Food Truck Rodeo!
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Sun October 30 at 4:00 PM, Durham Central Park
501 Foster St, Durham, NC, USA (Map & Directions)
Food Truck Rodeo at Durham, NC Central Park. 4-8 PM this Sunday. Over two dozen food trucks on the lawn, a veritable rodeo's worth of them! A climbing wall! A deejay! And you! C'mon, guys. Food trucks! Park! Food! Truck!
Sorry for the short notice: Only found out about it today, realized how important it was to go and what a great opportunity for meeting other Triangle-area Mefites.

Go straight to the list of trucks on the Durham Central Park page listed above to see what's on offer, and I'm sure you'll agree that the opportunity to chase your Onlyburger and kimchee quesadilla with a LocoPop happens rarely enough for this to be worth the effort.
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Since our current plan is to bike in, we're aiming to arrive early and leave before dusk.
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Excellent! I didn't hear about the Raleigh version of this until it had already happened, so my daughter and I will try to make it out to Durham for this.
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hought20 and I were planning on going to this, but we're going to the Ren Faire in Charlotte that morning, so we may not be there until after dusk. How would we recognize other Metafites if we crossed paths?
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The last Durham Central Park Food Rodeo was THE WORST--lines were over an hour long and most of the trucks ran out of food. They claim that this time will be better, but maybe there should be a plan B if things are chaotic again?
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Good point, leesh. Since it's the day before Halloween, I suspect most meetup-worthy bars and restaurants are going to be hosting events that aren't great for hanging-out-in without a costume.

Suggestions for plan Bs are welcome. We're new to the area and don't really know what's going on, but I think the best strategy is going to be to stay tuned to this page and keep it updated. In lieu of better ideas it might still behoove us to plan on gathering at some designated point in the park even if we feck off somewhere else for eating.

For whatever it's worth we're making a habit of hitting the Farmer's Market (same location) Saturdays, so if you want to get in line behind us at the Pie Pushers truck tomorrow morning lemme know...
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New current plan: We're driving into town, and will be hanging out until we're full, maybe. No real plans, to be honest.

I've got a blue Metafilter shirt, although it's probably going to be hard to see under my jacket. So look for the bespectacled middle aged guy in a drab green jacket who might be wearing a blue blue shirt, I guess.
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Okay, I'm wearing a gray cotton jacket instead. And a mefi shirt. And a brown felt fedora. And as I type this I'm standing in front of the Parlez Vous crepe truck.

We've already hit the Bulkogi truck and the green grilled cheese truck. The crowd is manageable, and while lines are long in front of the hot food trucks for obvious reasons everybody's getting their food at a pretty steady clip.

I don't think there are two dozen trucks though. Judging from gaps in the pavilion and streetwise a few vendors bagged on this
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Some crews are going the extra mile and working in costume. Points for the effort.
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