Halloween festivities!
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Sat October 29 at 8:00 PM, Zophi and ThomasBrobber's Amazing Loft
737 2nd St, Oakland, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Halloween Party with the mefites. There may or may not still be some lingering scotch from our last shebang.
Drinks somewhere? A party? An event that's already going on somewhere? I just want to run around dressed up for more than one night.

Update: It's a mefite party! Come in costume. Bonus points if you come as a cheezburger. Extra bonus points if you come dressed as another mefite. Please feel free to bring your beverage of choice or a delightful snack.
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I like the idea and I don't have any Halloween plans.
posted by 2bucksplus at 9:07 AM on October 6, 2011

Ooh, more Halloween, you say? MORE HALLOWEEN?
posted by zusty at 11:42 AM on October 6, 2011

I propose the house of Zophi and ThomasBrobber as the venue!

Wait, can I even do that?

If not, then can I at least dress like a cheezburger and take one of their kitties as my date?
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HA! We are going to a wedding in Denver the weekend before Halloween, but I'm sure I could coerce thomasbrobber into hosting a party on Halloween day.
posted by Zophi at 8:53 AM on October 7, 2011

Well at least I'll have a firm reason to have the house clean by then!
posted by ThomasBrobber at 8:55 AM on October 7, 2011

Zophi and ThomasBrobber, if you host, I promise I'll bring a pumpkin pie! *bribe bribe*
posted by chatongriffes at 9:15 AM on October 7, 2011

So much for my attempts to not have the entire internet know where we live.
posted by Zophi at 9:38 AM on October 7, 2011

Also, we have discussed, and are happy to host.
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Emailing the mods to make this official!
posted by chatongriffes at 9:39 AM on October 7, 2011

All, are we down with a Monday night party? Sunday is less convenient for our gracious hosts, but feasible if absolutely necessary.
posted by chatongriffes at 9:45 AM on October 7, 2011

@chatongriffes: I prefer pumpkin cheesecake!
posted by ThomasBrobber at 9:52 AM on October 7, 2011

So, I'm revising my days we are available. We will actually be around all weekend so Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday all work. What day do people prefer?
posted by Zophi at 10:44 AM on October 7, 2011

Oh no, now I'm overwhelmed with guilt!
posted by sambosambo at 3:31 PM on October 7, 2011

Meh, come dressed as a cheezburger and all will be forgiven.
posted by chatongriffes at 3:34 PM on October 7, 2011

No being overwhelmed with guilt! Come, take pictures with Zenith, she's still pining over the lost opportunity of prom photos.

The not going to Denver was unrelated to your request.
posted by Zophi at 3:50 PM on October 7, 2011

sambosambo, you haven't actually said where they live. All we know is that they live somewhere.
posted by madcaptenor at 6:56 PM on October 7, 2011

This is totally awesome. I wasn't gonna bother but a costume this year but now have to think of something.
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Someone (who isn't me) pick a day!
posted by Zophi at 2:21 PM on October 10, 2011

How do we all feel about Saturday the 29th! Parties are much better when you don't have to go to work the next day.
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I'm coming to the party I'm hosting! Now I have to come up with a costume.
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This sounds great, and I Have Been Informed that I am attending. Can't wait to see some costumes.
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Alas, 3/4 of people I know are having a party that night, and I'm already committed elsewhere.
posted by mollymayhem at 6:51 PM on October 14, 2011

Aww, crapballs. I have no costume planned. Do I gotta do that for admission?
posted by mostlymartha at 12:55 AM on October 15, 2011

Hmm... it's not impossible that I could cobble together a reasonable Joan from Mad Men ensemble from my actual wardrobe. I don't watch the show, but it may do if I'm required to dress as anything other than my sweet self.
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I too lack costume ideas, but do want to see Zophi and ThomasBrobber cats you guys. I will think on it* but may end up coming as a librarian.

*If anyone has any spare ideas, let me know!
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Wait, you don't watch Mad Men?! *boggles* What's up that?
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with that. What's up with that?
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We are dutifully trying to come up with costumes. ThomasBrobber vetoed my plan for him to be Ruby Rhod.
posted by Zophi at 3:18 PM on October 19, 2011

Aww, you'd be such an awesome Leeloo. :(
posted by chatongriffes at 11:36 AM on October 20, 2011

Doublewhiskeycokenoice keeps vetoing my idea. He insists you guys aren't cultured enough to get an early Ronald Reagan as actor reference.
posted by politikitty at 12:14 PM on October 20, 2011

Last Minute Halloween Costumes, You Lazy Bums!

Those suggestions are almost all oriented towards women. Where's the gender equality?

(I'm trying to remember the last time I dressed up for Halloween. I think it may have been in the '80s.)
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asterix, I think "formal apology" (with obvious adaptations) and "nudist on strike" work for men.

(and why are there so few "your Dad" jokes?)
posted by madcaptenor at 10:11 PM on October 20, 2011

I'm with madcaptenor. I think almost any of those could be adapted for man-types. You'd make a lovely zombee.
posted by chatongriffes at 10:52 AM on October 21, 2011

Preposterous! Asterix should wear a hook and glasses and be Buster forever and ever.
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I prefer to think of Reagan only as an actor, personally.
posted by gofargogo at 4:41 PM on October 24, 2011

Sure, but tell people that your costume needs two pajamas, and one of you has a Reagan mask, and one of you has a monkey mask.

And people look confused and say they don't understand the political statement.
posted by politikitty at 8:00 PM on October 24, 2011

Anyone heading over from S.F.? I'm ashamed to say I've never been to Oakland.
posted by 2bucksplus at 1:54 PM on October 27, 2011

I'll be coming from SF. Need a ride?
posted by aubilenon at 12:52 AM on October 28, 2011

Party tonight!

We are apt 404- you can get buzzed up by pressing 15#. If you forget that, we are also in the directory- Valentine.
posted by Zophi at 11:56 AM on October 29, 2011

You may also go to apartment 301 which will permanently redirect to the not found 404 apt.

This is not accurate or useful advice. For entertainment purposes only.
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whoosh, last minute confirmation! Me and my girlfriend are planning on coming by tonight! We have cool costumes and will bring a bottle of wine or two. Can't wait to meet some of you east bay mefites!
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What if my costume is "that guy without a costume"?
posted by madcaptenor at 6:45 PM on October 29, 2011

Totally works for us. We only dressed up because somehow we ended up hosting.
posted by Zophi at 7:16 PM on October 29, 2011

Two questions:

If doublewhiskeycokenoice were to find a ride out there, would we get a ride back to the city?

How long is the party going to last?
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Are there photos yet? I want photos!

(Couldn't be there because we were also hosting a party last night. Given the lingering smell of absinthe, the sticky floor, and the table covered with crumbs of cheese and bits of cake, I'd say our party went pretty well. I hope you all had fun at yours!)
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Photos posted! They're later in the evening and some people left and others were less becostumed than earlier. But whatevs!
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caption for this photo: Good god, what is this spaz doing on my couch?
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It would have been more apt to title that one "omg, how am I still awake".

I loved the pictures.
posted by Zophi at 8:18 AM on October 31, 2011

Love the pictures! Thanks so much aubilenon!
posted by chatongriffes at 9:25 AM on October 31, 2011

I feel like there is some sort of amazing backstory I can make up for this picture.
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Those are regulation jazz hands. I have blue ribbons and everything.
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