HEY CHICAGO: Possible TINCC Garage/Yard Sale?
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I don't have a garage (or a yard), but does anyone else in the Chicago Cabal (TINCC) have the facilities (and the desire) to do something like this?
September/October are usually great times for yard sales, and many of us might be in the mood to declutter (I tend to do fall cleaning, rather than spring cleaning). It could certainly make for a fun, casual meet-up, as well as a way to make a few bucks. Folks could bring drinks and snacks and so on. Does this appeal to anyone? Would anyone be willing to host?
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I like it. I don't have a garage/yard, but I like it.
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Yay youngergirl - now I just need more Chicago people to notice it. I suppose I should put the word "Chicago" in the title....
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I really want/need this - but no room to have it. Hopefully more will join.
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Well, we've got an upcoming goatup in two weeks - we could float the idea there and see how people feel about it.
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Did you know "drunken goat" is a trademark of the cheese people which is why the restaurant is "girl and goat" and not "drunken goat"? now you do. assuming you believe me.


I don't have space or the wherewithal for a yard sale, but I might come socialize. And I might bring cookies.
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Can some of you guys email other members of the Cabal and point them to this post? If we want to get this up and running before Chicago decides it's a good time to have a snowstorm, *just because it can*, it would be great to move on it.

Does anyone know anyone in the Cabal who has a front yard, or an actual garage?

Do we need a permit from the city?
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So, apparently this weekend was the everyone-on-my-block-have-a-yard-sale weekend. Everyone had their stuff out in the small green spaces in front of their apartments. I suppose it would be legal/possible, though not ideal, to do it outside of my building (we have maybe 180 square feet of grass?) if no one else can host. I live a block from Horner Park.

I'lll be out of town the end of September and half of October, though.
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I have seen people doing very brisk yard sale business in the grassy area of the median on Logan Blvd. If no one with a yard steps forward, that's probably an option.
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So it looks like this isn't going to happen. I've asked pb to close up the thread. Maybe next year!
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