Team MeFi Trivia?
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Tue August 9 at 6:30 PM, Cruzroom
2338 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
Update: Tuesday's trivia is on at the Cruzroom, but we are still trying to find the best "everyone can make it" night / location.

My friend is behind ShanRock's Triviology and I just had a chance to compete last night at the Cruzroom off Alberta. Which has led me to the conclusion that we might want to try and put together our own Trivia team (or Teams) and compete. Would be a good excuse for a weekly outing.
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I might not be in town for it, but August 14, they are doing an entire night of Princess Bridge trivia at East Burn as well.
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Also, tuesday night at Cruzroom is pretty awesome, trivia starts at 7, just after happy hour ends ($2 tacos), so you can swing by after work and get a beer and some tacos. The winning team gets a $25 gift certificate at the venue you compete (or similar, a few weeks ago they were giving out Google tablets / computers / phones), which you can redeem the next time you come in.
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This interests me.
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I looked it up, and it's actually "Princess Bride" trivia. Interesting!
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It does sound interesting.
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I rarely if ever post here, but I would play some trivia for sure.
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I am definitely planning to go back to the Cruzroom next Tuesday if folks want to plan on joining me there. Or we can find another venue that is easier for folks to get to (Rialto in downtown?).
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It looks like most of the trivia nights are Sunday through Wednesday, which are the days I work, but I would be totally, totally down with Thursday trivia.
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Oh shit that's like eight feet from my house. And though I haven't done pub quiz in awhile, useless knowledge is my strong suit. So, uh, yeah, I'm totally there.
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I've been doing Last Call trivia at Malone's Alehouse these last few mondays, but I'd like to add another night. Something straight off the blue line might be doable at 7, but seems unlikely. If this gets started up and things stick let me know so I can see about fiddling with my schedule.
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What's the limit on team sizes?
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Look like the limit is 5 people per team. If we get more, no reason we can't split into two teams. Or more.
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I can't make the 14th (which is a pity since I have, like, the entire script and book committed to memory), but I'm definitely down for future events.
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My shift just changed so I'm not off until 20:00, but, you know, have fun storming the castle.
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I was thinking I would post this meet up for this tuesday's game at Cruzroom, and if enough folks show interest, or want to coordinate for a more scheduled / convenient time for everyone down the line, we can do that as well?
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I may not be able to make it this week, but I would be up for a future outing.
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Ok, trivia starts around 7, but folks might want to get there early to get drinks / tacos. The tables are reserved for Trivia. Happy hour ends at 6:30.
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Can't make it this time (mother in town) but have fun!
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Turns out I can't make it this week after all. Definitely in for the week after, though.
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I'm heading over now, look for a nerd in a black vxa tshirt
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