Girls Rock! DC
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Sat August 14 at 11:00 AM, 9:30 Club
815 V St NW, Washington D.C., DC, USA (Map & Directions)
For the third time, my daughter will be attending the Girls Rock! DC summer camp. The camper showcase is again at the 9:30 Club, at 11 am on Saturday, August 14. You should come.
From the site:
During the week, campers receive small group instruction on electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, turntables or vocals, form bands, collaborate to write an original song and ROCK out the stage. Campers learn about the history of women in rock, gender and cultural identity, band merchandise and promotion, conflict resolution and other skills young women need to take over the world of rock!
OK, so I'm kind of biased, but, really, this is much more than a kids' orchestra recital. You'll see amazing displays of (young) woman-hood, excitement, and just flat-out esteem, more damned esteem than you've ever seen in one place before. Plus, last year they opened the bar, so, hey, beer, too! Admission is $10, and there will be all sorts of schwag for sale. Plus, just about every local indie rocker type will be there--it's a hip scene, for sure.
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NBC News report on last year's camp

BYT coverage

DCist coverage

flickr set

Finally, The Majestix (with my daughter on lead guitar)
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Gods know, I hate kids, but the feminist in me is pushing me to go. About how long does it last and is there anywhere around there to park a motorcycle safely and legally? I may shoot down from Baltimore.
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Lasts 2 hours, plenty of parking (it is 11 am, afterall). If you want to see more about this sort of thing, check out the movie. It's not about the DC camp, but it's what inspired me and my daughter to participate.
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Oh, and do look for me. If I'm not the tallest pony-tailed guy there, I'll be surprised. In the NBC clip, that's me, my wife, and mom at 7 seconds in; I'm holding flowers.
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Ok, guess I'll wander down, barring a thunderstorm like last night's. I'm easy to spot, as I'm a probate of a women's three patch motorcycle club and I'll be wearing colours.
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Aw, Bulgarokotonos and I will be out of town visiting family that day but, MrMoonPie, I know your daughter will be AMAZING. Sorry we'll miss it and hopefully see you soon -- tell her to, uh, break a reed? Whatever it is musicians do.
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Aw, dang, out of town that weekend. :( Tell your daughter to rock out with her, uh, body-part-other-than-a-cock out!
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I just saw one of these showcases in NC and it was GREAT. It is an awesome parent who sends their daughters to Girls Rock camp!
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Sounds fun. Sadly SAA (Society of American Archivists) conference will still be going on.
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This was a lot of fun. If folks have the chance to attend one of these, go!
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