Do we have a goat for August 3rd?
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Wed August 3 at 6:00 PM, Goat
430 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
There's no post for the (I assume) August 3rd Goat meet-up. Of course, I'm just wondering, since I've never actually made it to one....
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Now that you've made the post you HAVE to actually make it to this one.

Otherwise the goat will cry.
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Make this actual and do it now. Goatups should never have to go through the proposed period.
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Goatups. Niiiiice.
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I won't be at this guys have fun!

But stay tuned for PICNIC 2: THE RECKONING...
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Make it happen

I'll be there! With wee little bells on.
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Also, probably my last Goatup before I leave for Berlin. AND, my first Goatup post-dissertation-defense, so: DRINKING ORGY.
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I was wondering who would post next week's GoatUp. I AM STILL WONDERING
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Do not taunt Happy Fun Goat.
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Confirmed! Goatup Is Go!
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I like how right now the names of people attending form a neat little set of inverted stairs. No one else can mark themselves as attending unless their username is 3 characters.
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Sorry brah, fucked it up.
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When the supportive undergarment was put on too tightly, and the process of its removal knocked over a nearby vase, how did the wearer explain what happened?
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I'm gonna register a sockpuppet named SpoffyRib.

I like the way it sounds.
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Spiffy... what
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When Lester Freamon's jazz trumpeter son was listing off the various MetaFilter users who could help promote his new album, how did Pryzbylewski, acting as his agent, respond after he said "SpiffyRob?"
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And that's your Daily Double.
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What about RiffySpob?
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Seriously, SpiffyRob: what gives with the riddles?
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Are they really that obtuse? Each can be answered by the comment that preceded it. The latter only makes sense if you're familiar with both Treme and The Wire, which I grant increases its theoretical obtuseness.
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Now you're just being acute, spoffy.

Folks, I am downgraded to a maybe, as I have to shepherd the old tenant out and prepare to shepherd the new tenant in, and tomorrow night was the only time that worked for her. Which--I am sure--is fascinating as excuses go. Mostly, I think I've just checked out for the summer and I'll see you all again in the fall.

or maybe something in an auxiliary meetup.
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You guys tomorrow is supposed to be really nice out and what if we went somewhere that was outside to drink beers? Just a thought. There's a little bar along the river just across the street from the Goat and it's only open til 9pm but it's outside and on wednesdays the drink special is $3.50 craft beers.

/ducks as everyone throws tiny beers at her head
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Oh is that that Riverwalk Cafe place? They've been putting up sandwich boards lately.
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We fear change.

But I could get over it.
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Yeah, Riverwalk Cafe. It's more humid than I thought it was going to be so I'm ok with staying at the Goat.
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I'm out. I have a thing I have to attend to at 6, which means I wouldn't get down to the Goat before 8:30. Have fun!
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Man, I haven't seen you in ages!
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Well, if y'all think you'll still be going strong, hit me up after 7pm and we'll see what happens.
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I can only speak for myself, but I am fairly certain I will be.
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Ok I still kinda want to go to Riverwalk whatever its called. But I will meet you all at the Goat and try to persuade in person.

$3.50 craft beers....
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kaz, I will join you on the Riverwalk Scouting Party. But yeah, meet you at Goat first.
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I'll be showing up a little later than usual, so if we move, please be sure to update the thread.

The Goat also has $3.50 craft beers if by "craft" you mean "tastes like arts and crafts supplies."
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I like Berghoff beer, which is what the Goat serves, but lately it's tasted pretty funky. I think they need to clean their tap lines or something. (That's always my explanation for funky tasting draft beer.)
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I'm out tonight.

I quit smoking and I'm kinda pretty much not suitable for human companionship for the next few days. Certainly not beer, no matter how tiny. That would be my downfall.
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Best ditching reason ever. Good luck!
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Good luck! it gets easier.
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You can do it!
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jk ill be their early lol
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I'm here. Join me. Tiny beers.
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Damn girl, not that early. Waiting for a train at Belmont.
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I'm waiting for the Billy Goat Bus* and will be there shortly.

*As I've deemed the three busses that go from my office to the bar, on a post-it note at my desk
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You guys/gals/things;) are better than Marilyn's giant granny panties any day of the week.

As always, I never know why I never make it to a meetup when I eventually do... Thanks!
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This picture?
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Here you go!
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A bit better picture of Marilyn's butt here.
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dammit dammit dammit. Missed it! Sigh.
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