Science, comedy, mefi's own asavage, and cocktails -- what more do you need? Other than a ride from mefi's own asterix, that is.
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Thu August 18 at 6:00 PM, California Academy of Sciences
55 Music Concourse Dr, San Francisco, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
The California Academy of Sciences Nightlife on August 18th is “Comedy NightLife with SF Sketchfest” - Join us for a night of “weird science” comedy with an 80s twist, featuring Adam Savage of MythBusters and handfuls of other comedians. Music by DJs Skip and Shindog from New Wave City AND Eli Glad and Sleazemore. Buy tickets here. Let's meet at 6 pm out front. Latecomers memail or text to find us.
The Academy of Sciences website leaves a lot to be desired. There doesn't seem to be a direct link to an event page, or I would have put it there.

It's possible, although not easy, to get there by public transit. Driving or biking is probably the easiest. If those with cars want to pick up people at BART that would be awesome. Directions.

The Nightlife event is a bunch of adults with drinks wandering around a science museum. Plus whatever talk or performance is happening. Plus dancing. Last time we did a meetup there we spent some time in a large group and some time just wandering about looking at jellyfish and butterflies and bones. If you want to see asavage, it may be helpful to get there on the early side to get tickets, as they give them out (free) first-come-first-served for the talk/performances.
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If you haven't been to a Nightlife event, or to the Cal Academy at all since they moved, you should do this. For one thing, it's cheaper by a lot than going during the day. Also, booze. Also, no kids, so no falling over strollers. Also, generally less crowded. Also, mefites!
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Unless they let the 'gator to eat people at random, there doesn't seem to be a downside to this.
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If they're going to let out the gator, we just have to bring some people to be bait.

Also, I've been meaning to get to one of these since I moved here. And I don't have to work the next day, so inconvenient location and possible getting to bed late are totally not a problem!
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I bet this will be a heap of fun!

I guess if you like your fun stacked in tidy little rows, maybe this isn't for you, but to me, it sounds pretty good.
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Excellent find! But jeez what a crappy website experience. Me and Mrs Jasper411 just got tickets!
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Yeah, we decided that they set the ticket-purchasing part of the website up as a kind if test: if you're geeky and curious enough to figure out exactly how to buy tickets for a particular event, then you deserve to buy tickets.
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Awesome, I've been meaning to make it to one of these for ages. I'm probably in; presuming I do go, I'll be driving and will gladly pick people up at BART (or possibly the East Bay, even, given that I'm living the sweet sweet unemployed life at the moment).
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I've done this several times and it is a blast. Now, do we need separate tickets to go rub shoulders with Mefi's own asavageTM Like how the planetarium thing requires another ticket that sells out faster?

or do I just flash my MefID to get backstage?
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or I suppose I should have read gingerbeer's post all the way to the end. D'uh.
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This looks great. I love these chaotic jumble events with something for everyone.
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I'll come if asterix will give me a ride!
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I'll come if asterix will give me a ride!
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Me too! To the asterix mobile!
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primalux, you have an excellent point about the ease of Muni-ing. But it costs me $2 each way to take stupid Muni since I don't have a pass. I can't stand for that!

Plus I'm really lazy...
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And really, you shouldn't have to MUNI in those shoes. It would be a tragedy!
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I should hold out for bribes, shouldn't I?
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Sorry for the derail but who is that handsome man over there? Is that asterix? Shouldn't he be up there in the post description rather than Adam Savage (who the hell is Adam Savage?)
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Not just Adam Savage, Mefi's own Adam Savage.
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Is that better?
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Thanks, gingerbeer!

My price just went up.
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My price just went up.

My flattery wasn't good enough?
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I'd like to go if I can get a ride home afterward - my Muni options get pretty bad toward late evening. Anybody heading toward or through Glen Park? It's near the 101/280 split. Or just a lift to a SF BART station would work, too. Thanks in advance!
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I'm in. I'll be wearing MUNI appropriate shoes, thus avoiding tragedy!
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Slightly longer description of the event from the website (still no way to link directly to it.)

Comedy NightLife with SF Sketchfest

Get ready to laugh your wrasse off (as in cleaner wrasse – you know, the cute little symbiotic fish that nibbles parasites off its neighbors)! This week, NightLife partners with SF Sketchfest for a night of “weird science” comedy with an 80s twist, featuring festival favorites Adam Savage of MythBusters, Chris Hardwick of Web Soup and the Nerdist podcast, Kasper Hauser, Brian Malow, Joe Klocek, Alex Koll, Emily Heller, Edwin Li, Dave Thomason and Casey Ley; newcomers Veronica Belmont, Dhaya Lakshminarayanan, Nina G.; and more. Think stand-up, sketch, storytelling, conversation and trivia, all blended into one stellar night. DJs Skip and Shindog from New Wave City, organizers of the city’s top 80s dance party, will be spinning in the east pavilion, while Eli Glad and Sleazemore bring their electro sounds to the coral reef. The planetarium will feature a tour of the universe during Science Tonight: LIVE @ 6:30, followed by two showings of Life: A Cosmic Story.
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The Boy and I have tickets! Hooray! Is this the kind of thing where we should grab a bite of dinner before we go? You wouldn't like me if I haven't had dinner.
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They do have food for purchase there - it's not high gourmet, but it's not terrible, either. I vaguely recall some sort of pretty good Asian noodle salad thing, and one time I had a sandwich that was good.
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The food isn't bad but it'll be crowded cafeteria-style dining. Pronoiac, Pecinpah, mrs. Pecinpah and I ate there after the last Cal Academy meetup.
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Onoes! I have a non-reschedulable commitment that night!

Rassafrassin' grumble grumble
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New to SF - hoping to meet some nice Mefites...first meetup too! Mrs. Jasbet07 will be with me too. Looking forward to it.
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We can't make it, sadly.
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The Moss Room downstairs has fancier eats if you are allergic to cafeteria food, unsure if it is open prior to/during the event.
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tempting :) what time are ppl showing up? i work in south bay though so the drive would take a bit of time after work...
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i can clearly READ now i see the 6pm meet time... damn can't make it, i'd probably have to leave work at 4:30 to beat traffic :( i'm still at work at 6
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Well, after posting this I realized that *I* have another obligation that evening, and likely won't be there until after 8 pm. I think whoever gets there at 6 can meet up and do the group thing, and as us stragglers arrive, we should rely on texting and memail to find the crowd.
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bummer. They kick people out at 9 so we should plan a backup/post academy bar. or something.
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They kick people out at 9? Really? Last time we went I swear we were there until 10 at least. Hmmm!
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Aw, yeah! I'll try to show up before 7pm for the Nerdist + Adam Savage.
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Because the Cal Academy hates trees, they force you to print out the ticket. (Oh, and in case you were wondering, there still are tickets.) I think I saw them describe themselves as a "green" museum somewhere on their web site, so this is kind of ironic.

Also, the schedule posted on their web site has things going as late as 10, so I don't think they kick people out at 9.
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Oh, hey, this is tomorrow. Fun! I get off work at 6, so what with one thing and another, I bet we're there a bit before 7.
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This went from next month to tomorrow very quickly. So yeah! But also what the heck happened to August?!
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I have tickets and will officially be there, maybe even right at 6 if my ride is timely.

I will be sure to wear Muni inappropriate shoes. Cause I can.
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so... Asterix. I hear you're giving rides
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My housemate works at the Cal Academy. He says that upstairs the drinks are expensive and bad; downstairs (the Moss Room) the drinks are expensive and good.
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Due to various transport-related things, I will (probably) be there very early, like before-six early, loitering.

It can be hard to find people at this thing, because it's a big crowd and it's easy to split up and do different things and then (not) find each other again. If anyone who doesn't already have my cell phone # wants it so you can text to find out where at least some of us are, drop me a mefimail. I will also try to remember to wear one of my mefi shirts.
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Oh jeez. Due to various life craziness, I'm running on an average of 4 hours of sleep a night for the past few weeks. But! A meetup! Down the street from my house! On a night I'm not working!

Guess I'm showing up.

Personal to RTHA: Wanna catch dinner beforehand, during your early loitering? I'm about to hop in the shower, but text me, ya?
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So I don't know how this works, but I'm in line, sort of at the end where it turns back on itself.
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I am in the member line, because we are members. Holy crap there are a lot of people here.
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Asterix and I just parked!
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Gah. Due to last minute work bullshitery I'm not going to make it. :(
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I came, I saw, I went home when I realized that I am too exhausted to have any patience with crowds. Time to sleep.
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Glad I got to see you!
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That was fun!

Aside from getting there late and saying hi to everyone for about 30 seconds. I spent most of my time there dancing, I think. I didn't even get to check out chatongriffes' shoes.
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I took no photos of mefites, but got a couple of cool ones of the pendulum. I should've taken pictures of the penis bones, too. Next time!
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Note to self: take afternoon off next time to avoid Disneyland-length non-members line.
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