(A Prelude to) Amon Tobin in SF
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Amon Tobin is coming back to SF, playing at The Warfield on Saturday, October 1, 2011. I'm coming up for the 9pm show, and have heard from one other MeFite who is planning on going to the show. Anyone want to meet up some while before?
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I'm in San Luis Obispo, so I can pick up anyone on the way up there.
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... and because I'll be traveling up, I'm up for a (half) day full of events. I don't know SF well enough to suggest anything, so I'll leave that up to other minds.
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Oh hey, I should go to that show, on account of liking Amon Tobin.

Tobin has officially stepped away from previous DJ centric performances

Oh, I liked those. :( But I'm sure this will be good too! I am also up for earlier stuff in the day, including, but not limited to, pre-show food.
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I'd be down for this, assuming I remember to swing by the box office.
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Oh hey, I will go to that show, on account of worshiping Amon Tobin, and needing to buy filthy light thief a drink for all the awesome posts.

Farmer Brown is a block away from the Warfield and has pretty good but moderately pricey food. Reservations would be recommended.
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I'm down.
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There's also Showdogs near the Warfield. Not quite as pricey, and I think we could easily take over a nice corner.
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This looks great.
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My ticket has been boughten! I put in my vote for Showdogs.
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Showdogs looks great, kimchee and sausages cannot fail to go well together. Got tix.
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Dammit. Event is sold out. Anyone with 2 spare tix?
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Are we any closer to making this a real meet-up, rather than a proposed?
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