San Diego meetup, now with more trivia
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Mon July 18 at 8:50 PM, Whistle Stop Bar
2236 Fern St, San Diego, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey folks, we all talked last time about meeting up again in the North Park/South Park/Normal Heights area. Wanna?
There's a trivia night at Whistle Stop Bar:

Monday July 18th, 2011

$$$$ and respect, could always use more of that. Right? If this doesn't work, Whistle Stop also has a Friends Chill/board game evening that we could go to the following night.
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GRRR! I can walk to the Whistlestop. Unfortunately, I'll be wrapping up a long weekend in Sonoma.

Have fun!
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Since we unfortunately missed the last one (or two?), I think we're on board for this.

Plus I, y'know, did quiz bowl in high school and college. >.>
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Hiya folks,

Long time lurker here. Also, the fiancee of the trivia host aka Pouder! So funny to see this here...He actually asked a question about MeFi once. Just a few tips - the night does run long, but it is really good fun. Some nights are absolutely packed, so make sure to get there a little bit early. This is the week of Comic Con and in my industry (comics) the seventh circle of hell, but if you guys are going to form a team I'll try and come! Any other questions, let me know via MeMail or my email is in my profile. Pouder also hosts trivia Sunday nights (this Sunday at South Park Abby not far from the Whistlestop, next Sunday at Eleven on El Cajon Blvd. Switches off every other Sunday).
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*South Park Abbey. It has been a long night.
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Yesss, count us in.
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Yay! Ok, confirming. I'll head over around 8 to snag a table. I'll put up a mefi flag or something if fillsthepews hasn't.
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If anyone wants to grab a bite to eat before, I suggest El Camino right down the street. Station's cool, but closed on Monday.

Looking forward to it! So is Pouder!
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I'm going to try, but my work schedule is a little weird so I may not know until Friday if it's likely.
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Running a little late, will be there around 8:20!
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So nice to meet you guys! We played a good game. A valiant effort!
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It was nice to meet you and Pouder, fillsthepews! You throw an awesomely funny trivia night. Also, yay everyone, this was a lot of fun and I hope there will be more meetup trivia nights.

Also also, here's a terrible ska cover of Paranoid Android because it makes me laugh:

Is it the same one?
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If there are more of these, would someone memail me? We missed it due to Unexpected Very Dead Car and someday I'd like to actually get to a meetup in my area.
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Sure, FritoKAL!
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