Basic drinking party
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Fri July 8 at 9:00 PM, The Way Station
683 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
My girlfriend feistycakes will be turning the big four-oh soon. All she's ever wanted is to travel in time and space with a handsome, witty stranger...
Of course, I can't give her that. So the next best thing is probably lots of drinks at The Way Station. Come dressed as Amy Pond and you might just win a special prize!
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The Tardis bathroom looks incredible.
posted by oh yeah! at 4:28 AM on July 1, 2011

oh yeah! - Yes it does.
posted by nosila at 6:38 AM on July 1, 2011

I have heard about that bathroom!
posted by mlis at 4:11 PM on July 1, 2011

Some other pals of hers did an event there a few weeks back, ruining one of four or five birthday suprises. We are, of course, whovians.
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I'm waffling... There's a gaming convention in Morristown this weekend, which some people might want me to show up at... But this meetup sounds so cool too...
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Well, I have a few humans who are not mefites attending to up our totals, if that helps. Plus my lawyer, maybe my other lawyer, a comedienne, an Armenian, and if you can't find me I'll be wearing a Dino Jr. shirt that looks like....

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That sounds like the beginning to a good a joke:

So this guy called Varkatar, his two lawyers, a comedienne AND an Armenian walk into a bar with a Tardis in it...
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Oooooooooh... let's see if I can remember this one, unlike, say, the last several meetups that have passed me by.
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This is in my calendar now! And I am bringing my boyfriend, who is also a MeFite!
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Groovy T-lynn. T'will be good to see a bunch of you. One of my lawyers is confirmed. Here's an idea. Plastic raygun exchange: bring a plastic toy raygun, trade with someone. What do you think?
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I have a spare sonic screwdriver around here somewhere. It doesn't make the cool sonic bzzzzzzzt, but I think it still lights up.
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This tempting because it's in our neighborhood, but on the other hand I'm hella broke at the moment thanks to my last payment of self-employment taxes. On the third hand, griphus recently pointed out to me that it's been ages since I've been to a real meetup instead of the unofficial ones. Is this a new bar or just one I've passed by on my bike without noticing it?
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I think it is new-ish, less than a year old maybe. Some beers wil be available on scholarship, I am sure.
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I'll try, but Brooklyn is faaaaaar.
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Sounds awesome, and so near by! See you all soon!
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Plastic raygun exchange: bring a plastic toy raygun, trade with someone. What do you think?

Drats! And all my rayguns are in the shop getting new dilethium crystal power units installed.
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Holy habeus corpus, both my lawyers are coming!
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Still not feeling 100%. Have a wonderful day, feistycakes!
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Drat, where am I going to find a ray gun on such short notice?
posted by TrishaLynn at 5:54 AM on July 8, 2011

We cannot make it, have a great birthday, feistycakes!!!
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I have braved the wilds of Brooklyn and arrived intact and tactless.
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Wow, why did I think it was 8pm? Durrr...

Well, if you're nearby and not doing anything...
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Vrakatar is zeroing in on the location; i'm headed out from Woodside. See you soon!
posted by feistycakes at 5:49 PM on July 8, 2011

I may be running late, but I found a ray gun!
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Also running late, just made it off the WTC train & heading to the 2/3
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en route!
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Sorry kids, I've been looking forward to this but looks like this I've been waylaid, still a small chance I'll make out, but it's not looking good.

Happy birthday FeistyCakes, and have a great night the rest of you.

Any idea what the time frame is like for you guys being there, I may be able to come round the witching hour.
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10pm and things are just getting started.
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Thanks Nate!
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omg robocop is on the teevee... I think I'm in love
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Sorry I couldn't make it, I was looking forward to seeing you guys again. Happy birthday, feistycakes!

Keep it rockin'!
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Problem: We now can't find feistycakes' purse, which was in the booth nearest to the stage. Those of you who are already home who were in the booth: Did you see where it went?
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I did not see it. Sorry, I'm usually more observant, but I was already half asleep.

I hope you've found it by now; missing purse stress is not part of the birthday girl experience. =(
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When I was sitting in the booth, I was next to the Forbidden Planet black bag - I don't remember a purse specifically, but I definitely didn't see anyone take anything away. Yuck, I hope you've found it.
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The forgotten planet bag was there but the purse was not located. We are pretty sure we know who took it -- someone who was not a part of the group but who was hanging around. vrakatar said it was ok to post this much and I will let him fill in the details in the morning if he wants.

What a disappointing end to the evening -- feistycakes was so happy before this. :(
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Also, The Way Station is a really nice place, friendly staff, cool people, crowd somewhere from early 20's to late 30's.
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If it's who I think it is, that person was pretty weird. I got such a strange vibe from him/her.
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Geez, that's terrible. Sorry, guys.
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Thanks you everyone for making it a great time, except for the theft of course. That was a buzzkill. But today is today, we are all okay, only money and things were lost.

If I dwell on it, my rage will taint the remainder of the big birthday weekend. So the hell with it. Full fun speed ahead!

Thanks again all, for good cheer and on the fly detective work, for fun toys and cold beers.
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Hi there!

Thanks to everyone who came out. It was so much fun ... until it wasn't. And then it was again!

Special thanks—other than to Vrakatar because he is the best BF a dork girl like me could ever hope for—is due to MLIS for his awesome criminology skills. Also to Denis for his super-awesome deal-with-it-sensibility and everyone who was out there and had a great suggestion. I know i'm missing something crucial, but it's been such a weird weekend that i'm a little distracted.

I am absent a few things i depended on before, but richer in human contact. Thank you so much. I couldn't asked for a better 40th celebration!
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