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Wed July 6 at 6:00 PM, Billy Goat (The Real One)
430 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Dear Strongbad: How do you drink tiny beers with those boxing gloves on? Quizzically, A Goat.
Dear Goat,

What kind of question is that? DELETED!

Sheesh! I mean, he's assuming that someone as cool as I would be found underground at some bar, say, the Billy Goat under Michigan Avenue, on, oh, I dunno, 600PM, Wednesday, July 6th, drinking tiny beers. Indeed, I get the feeling that he thinks I do this every month!!11!

Well, rest assured, Mr. Goat....tato....pancake, that such nonsense would never be tolerated on my watch. No, sir!

P.S. Gotato pancake. I gotta remember that one. Now I gotta get me a steak & egg.
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Yessssssssss. I miss Chicago so much! You have no idea what a luxury it is to live in a land where the streets are in a grid, the buildings have logical numbers, and streets are actually labeled with visible signs.

I will be there to regale you all with tales of London, including a meetup with real live London MeFites (yes, Virginia, they do exist), how I'm apparently the only one here who walks around with bare legs and arms in the summer (scandal!), the worst-designed showers (that no one here seems to realize suck), and how they almost didn't let me into the country!

Anyway, I've got just over a week left here. I've done most of The Important Things (eriko: Sir John Soane's was great!); folks who have been to London: any last-minute suggestions on things to do, places to walk?
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How does one mis-design a shower?
posted by Evilspork at 12:49 AM on June 22, 2011

$20, same as in town.
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phunniemee, did you do the Tate Modern yet? It's right across the river from St. Paul's Cathedral.
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Woo! I wanna go and meet y'all for goat-like frolicking, but I'll be in Peru at that point, probably eating fantastic ceviche.
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Did you meet Mutant?!
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How does one mis-design a shower?

You know how we have shower curtains? Or, if we don't have shower curtains, we have a shower door? They don't. Yeah. And I've got a whole rant pent up about this, since no one here seems to be able to wrap their heads around the UR DOIN IT RONG concept. And yes, I have polled complete strangers on this lack-of-door problem, only to be met with blank stares or "how else would you do it?" You want to know how else you could do it? MAYBE TRY NOT SPRAYING YOUR SHOWER WATER DIRECTLY ON THE FLOOR, MORONS. GAHHHHHHH!

$20, same as in town.

Actually, it's 20 quid here, and let me tell you, the markup on that just to make the joke work is what really fucks you.

phunniemee, did you do the Tate Modern yet? It's right across the river from St. Paul's Cathedral.

Yes! And it was...OK. Honestly, I think the AIC has a better collection. I generally prefer modern art, but really, the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery are where it's at. They really let me get my Hogarth on.

Woo! I wanna go and meet y'all for goat-like frolicking, but I'll be in Peru at that point, probably eating fantastic ceviche.

I don't have anything to comment on here, but it felt mean to leave it out. Enjoy Peru! And ceviche!

Did you meet Mutant?!

No, sadly. And I didn't even meet The Whelk (who was also supposed to be there but was running (really) late). I got there at the designated start time, but no one showed up for nearly another hour (they clearly do not take their meetups as seriously as the Chicago crowd does), and then I needed to leave by 7:30 and ended up missing him. I did, however, meet Infinite Jest, TheophileEscargot, HandfulOfDust, acb, MadamM, and a handful of other lovely people whose names I don't remember because I am a Bad Person.
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Yeah I talked to The Whelk and he feels bad and wanted to meet you and I berated him and I think I made him cry. GOOD. It is pretty funny that you were both there, though, since neither of you is from that continent typically.
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Oh, and this one's for Eamon:

The original site of Shakespeare's Globe.
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This meetup is not listed in the MetaTalk sidebar for "upcoming." Weird.
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[It's listed on MetaTalk now. Sorry about the glitch.]
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Okay I decided to maybe do this again.
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I'm in.

I've been avoiding meetups because of a huge weight gain and total hatred of how I look, but fuck it. I need to get out, and I need to meet you awesome people.
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Do I need to like, wear a name-tag?
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We'll be glad to have you. No name tag required, just look for the group of weirdos to your right as you come in the door.
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Oof. That would be left. The group of weirdos is to your left as you walk in the door.

Please disregard the lone weirdo off to the right, staring desperately at her hands trying to figure out which one makes an L.
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Oof. That would be left.

Yes. The right is when we're in the evil Mirror universe. Make sure to check if Spock has a beard before you come in.
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Make sure to check if Spock has a beard before you come in.

Okay, in the absence of nametags, should I wear an evil-universe Spock beard? -- I must admit, I would look quite strange....
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The weirdos will be on your right if you walk in backwards. (Or upside-down.)
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Does someone still make a run to the place with the food? Or does that not happen anymore?
posted by tzikeh at 4:45 PM on July 1, 2011

Juliet Banana's Torta Delivery Service

Someone with the Twitters: Tweet her and point her at that to see if it's on the table for next week.
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There is also food in the Goat, if a Xoco run isn't happening.
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Huh - I don't see Juliet Banana signed up for this meet.
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There's a chance I'll be in from Toronto that night. We'll see how it goes.
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tzikeh, JB doesn't come to meetups much anymore, so I wouldn't expect her. There are cheeseborgers, grilled cheese, steak and egg, polish sausage, chips, etc. at the Goat, otherwise you can eat beforehand or bring your own food in (they don't seem to mind).
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We will also begrudgingly help you eat delicious cookies if you bring them.
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Bummer re: Juliet Banana? Anyone know why she's not much of a presence anymore?

Hm... I wonder if I could get my hands on delicious cookies before tomorrow night. I have been doing Weight Watchers, which makes it a tad more difficult, but I seriously want to meet you folks at this point. It's getting ridiculous, and I shouldn't let my current body issues get in the way.
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WHY I'M NOT MUCH OF A PRESENCE ANYMORE: I used to ride the bus two hours a day and hence have endless times for internet checking. Due to moving to a more bike-friendly hood (Logan Square what what), transferring office (Loop, what what), and it being summer I ride my bike fucking everywhere and checking IRL or RSS Feeds or basically anything is a lot harder on a bike than a bus.

Plus, shitty Internet connection at work and home, more stressful job, new honeymoon-period boyfriend and constant sex, dog...sorry, Metafilter. I'm still here. I can barely keep up with Twitter. Spiffy was right when he said to hit me up there.

I will confirm if I'm making a Xoco run tomorrow at lunchtime. I doubt it, honestly, my dog has been mad needy lately and I'm probably going to be having mad sex or getting drunk or whatever else I do in my off hours.

I didn't even know there was a meet up coming up or that I was mentioned in the thread until Booknerd told me.
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For the new people: we meet the first Wednesday of every month. Always.

And if you use a networked calendar (including Google Calendar), you can add MeFi events to it easy-peasy automagically by using the iCal link here.
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tzikeh, you could also, like, bring nothing but yourself. You'll still get to meet everyone, even cookie-less. Few (if any) will be bringing anything except a desire to consume tiny beers.

But I am not one of them. It turns out I am not coming. So you'll just have to meet me another time. Have fun, the rest of you.
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Bleurg. Backing out, folks. Not feeling well.
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I pretty much hate everything in the world right now. I just got a truckload of Oprah transcriptions that need a quick turnaround, so I'm going to be sitting up with a bottomless cup of coffee and listening to Droning Whinefry all night.

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tiny beers tiny beers tiny beers tiny beers
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On my way as soon as I can figure out what bus I need to take... Why can't I ever remember!?
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Drink tiny beers for me! I brought the girlfriend to the Goat last friday and it was the perfect thing for the evening.
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Thanks to the hardcore who stayed out way too late: I really needed to blow off some steam.
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Good show, everybody!
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