Book Exchange Meetup in Chicago!
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Sat August 20 at 12:00 PM, Tchad's Workroom
4403 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Free Book & Media exchange at Tchad's Workroom:
I have a large workroom - maybe 2400 sq ft - at the border of Uptown and Lakeview near the lake that is closed for the summer. My best friend died this Spring and I now have all of his books. Some of them are neat, some of them are trash, but there are a couple hundred of them and what I don't sell I am taking to the thrift store.

Which got me thinking about you guys.

If any of you guys want to do a book/media exchange, here it is!

I am thinking that we could bring all of our books to the workroom and lay them out on the worktables the weekend of the 20th & 21st in August and then what doesn't get taken can be walked over to the Unique Thrift a block away. Softcover books will be taken to the Books to Women in Prison organization.

This way, we get rid of the books we don't want, get a few we didn't know we wanted, and haul the rest away to help disabled vets and women who are trying to better themselves as they serve time.

The 20th and 21st of August are a go, if you have time-windows that work better than others, let me know in the thread.

Questions or concerns you can memail or email me from my profile.
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I think it's a great idea. I probably have a handful around here that I could offer up. I suppose I'm also flexible on dates, knowing 7/1, 7/8-10, 7/22, 8/2, 8/29 are a no go for me.
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How about the 13th or 20th?

I am perfectly fine with having people drop in and out throughout the day.

I can have the maintenance guys help me haul the books over after we are done, no probs.
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I like this idea. Although I'm sure I'll end up with more books than I started with, I'll go if I can. My August weekends are going to be busy but I don't know the dates yet.
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Count me in - my schedule is pretty flexible.

There's an org in ravenswood that provides books to women in prison. the ladies fill out a request form and volunteers go through the books and find a couple that match the request (it's actually really fun). I'm sure they'd love a big donation, if you're interested. (Here's the link.
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THAT is even closer to my heart than veterans! I'll look into it.
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Sorry for the loss of your friend. I would definitely be interested in this (and can contribute books too), and am pretty flexible in August. If you need any help hauling the books, I have a car and don't live that far away.
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Sure, I'll ask my mom, she has a ton of books she was looking to get rid of.
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I probably also have some DVD's or xBox games I could bring too, if we wanted to expand our breadth of media.
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Whatever media you guys think others would want and you want to rid yourselves of is cool with me. Looks like any leftover book is going to the books to prison link crankyrogalsky linked and anything else is going to the Unique Thrift.

If we could start throwing dates around so we can get this set it would be great.

For me the 13th & 14th or the 20th and 21st of August would be great.
July is iffy - I will be randomly here and there and won't be able to pin down a good day.
But the month of August is pretty open.
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Any weekend in August works for me. I'm in!
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Yup, August is good. Weekends are probably better, but a weeknight could work too. I guess whatever is most convienent for you since it's your space.
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I look forward to this!

crankyrogalsky: do you go to the Books to Women in Prison volunteer sessions on Sundays? I have tried and (seriously) never been able to find the door and through a comedy of errors always been sans working cell phone while trying. Back when I used to go to the jail regularly, we always brought books with us to leave behind.
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OK, so let's plan on this:

August 20th & 21st.

That is a Saturday and a Sunday.

That way everybody can get in on it.

I will update the information.

What time frame for both days? Early like 12-6 or late like 3-9?

So Excited!

See some of you this Wednesday at Fountainhead!
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Sorry, looks like my mom's having surgery July 29 so she definitely won't be up to the ride.
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Sorry to hear about your Mom, IR. Good luck to her.
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Thanks. Back surgery. I hope she's not in so much pain after this.
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I've had this sitting in my inbox since before vacation and I AM SO IN. I love the idea (and so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend Tchad), and I also love the idea of donating the softcover books to Books to Women in Prison.

Totally count me in.
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Crush - (sorry, I just checked this) I have gone to the volunteer sessions and don't recall anything weird about getting in, though you do have to be buzzed in. If I recall correctly (which I might not), it's a red door.

I'll try to remember to swing by and check this week, since it's around the block from me. All those Ravenswood buildings are pains in the ass.
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LOVE THIS IDEA. My house overflows with books - this is perfect!

What is the best way to get there via public transit?
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If you are using the bus, the 78, 36, and 151 all stop at this corner.
If you don't mind walking and are coming from downtown or Ravenswood, the 145 is a couple of blocks away.

Near which intersection will you be coming from?
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I'll probably take the Orange Line downtown and find my way from there. It looks like the Wilson Red Line stop isn't too far either. The 36 or 151 would work well too.
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If you don't mind walking two blocks and are coming from downtown, I would suggest the 145 or red line. The 151 or 36 from downtown can be like a caravan ride sometimes.
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I'm in! Great idea. I'll see if any pals want to throw in.
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I will be back in town this Monday, so if you have books but can't come the 20th you can drop them off - I have had a couple of people drop some boxes already.
This should be fun!
Email me here of at the address in my profile if you need anything.
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Hey, this is tomorrow! I pulled out some books from our shelves, and will be there right around noon.
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OK! Here we go!
I am still out in the country right now, but will be back late Friday night.

Here is the info:
4403 N Sheridan Road.

This is right at the NW corner of Sheridan & Montrose.

When you get here, give me a call at seven seven three six eight zero five nine one four so I can come down and let you in.

The only thing I need to warn you about are the steps. It is not accessible.

The building is an old commercial one - the workroom isn't visible from the street. From the street you will just see a medical supply place and a daycare center.

I am going to be there from 10 a.m. until about 7, so feel free to drop by whenever it works!

See you guys tomorrow!
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Oops. I will only be there until 5:45. Sorry about that. I have to be downtown by 6:15.
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Woohoo! I'll probably be there around noon or so.

Heading over to my parents' house to pick up some books. : )
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Yay, SisterHavana! It's been ages since I've seen you! Also, I fear that I have fewer books to bring than I thought I did...
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Running late this morning (what a shock) so I may be there closer to 1.
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Everybody take your time. I just got here at 11 myself after almost two months away. Luckily I cleaned it before I shut it down.

I will be here until 5:45 today and from 12-6 tomorrow as well.

There is a magic marker sign on the front door that has my name and phone number if you need it. I have to let you in, so be sure you call.

Right now there are about 3 long tables of books. Get em get em get em!
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I'll be there when the rain lets up - if only bus went a little farther down Sheridan. Or if books were made of plastic.
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Is there street parking in the area?
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Yes, there is street parking in the area within the block.
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OK, guys! I am getting ready to wind it down so I can be out of here by 5:45.

I will be up here all day tomorrow from 12-6 as well, so come on by if you still want to donate.

This went really well!
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I am bummed no one posted photos -- I was hoping to see what kind of books you guys assembled!
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The tally was 362 softcover books that ranged from fiction to self-help, from computer programming and design to Buddhism and mystical Gnosticism.

The woman at the Books to Women in Prison offices seemed really excited by them! Hopefully this will help round out and develop what they already have to send out.

There are another 188 hardcover books that are going to be donated to the Unique Thrift store down the street - the funds that Unique collects are used to help disabled Veterans.

(As an aside, I was joking with a couple of friends that with our range of books we seem to be actively nursing class-conscious Buddhist hacker revolutionaries with an affinity for magic and naturalism in the bosom of the prison: Lots of Eastern Tibetan stuff, CSS, JAVA, UNIX, LINUX, Sinclair, Chomsky, Marx, Rowling, Whitman, and Kingsolver... I like the idea of that, and Greg would have thought it VERY funny.)

Thanks so much, guys. We did a good thing here.
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