Madonna and Chef
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Wed June 8 at 10:00 AM, Madonna Inn, Copper Cafe
100 Madonna Rd, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
As part of his California travels, MeFi's Beloved Cold Chef will be driving up to Hearst Castle on Wednesday, June 8th and stopping for 'late breakfast/brunch' in SLO. I have enticed him to join me at the World Famous Madonna Inn coffee shop at 10AM or later (time very approximate after drive from L.A.) and all other SLO/Central Coast MeFites are also invited.
I know. Weekday morning, uncertain time. Actual working people probably can't make it and non-working people can't afford to eat at the Madonna. But please, don't leave it to me to be the Ambassador of Goodwill here, or all of Louisiana will end up thinking all of SLO is nuts.
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But please, don't leave it to me to be the Ambassador of Goodwill here, or all of Louisiana will end up thinking all of SLO is nuts.

You don't want Louisiana to think SLO is crazy, so you'll be meeting at the Madonna Inn? Good sir, you won't be the one to paint SLO as crazy. There are spooky mechanical dolls on swings, the decor is the definition of gaudy, and it's actually less pink than it used to be.
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I joked about the Madonna Inn to CC and he replied "yeah, I always wanted to see that!" But remember, he IS coming up this way just to see William Randolph Hearst's display of wretched excess! At least I haven't aimed him toward Bubblegum Alley, deVaul's Sunny Acres, The Pismo Clam Sculptures (what are they painted as this month?) or the Morro Bay restaurant where Scott Petersen met Laci (I have one online friend who thinks of that FIRST when talking about this area). But yes, I have recommended Pea Soup Andersen's for dinner during his return trip. WHICH IS WHY I SHOULD NOT BE DOING THIS ALONE.
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Heh. But Pea Soup Andersons is iconic, in that there are billboard reminding you it's coming up 60+ miles away (though there is/was another one in Santa Nella, CA). If they take the trouble to warn you an hour in advance, it has to be good, right?

I've lived my whole life within two hours of that restaurant/inn, and I still haven't eaten there.

If you're looking for odd restaurant recommendations, Cat Cora has a few in the Central Coast area, including The Hitching Post II in Buellton, but that particular burger is only available Monday through Wednesday.

If you came into SLO proper for breakfast/brunch, I'd suggest Big Sky Cafe, Louisa's Place, or Breakfast Buzz. If you can make it all the way to Morro Bay, Frankie and Lola's is a must.
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FLT: Thanks for the great suggestions. I wish I had more time. Big Sky Cafe was on my list. Next time, maybe.

See you in the morning, onefellswoop!
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Thank YOU, CC (who I shall now refer to only as CoolChef for his awesome coolness) for making me feel like the guest instead of the host to my overrated little town. He gave me a ride over AND back (who does he think he is, Enterprise Car Rental?) and picked up the check for the very excellent but still kinda overpriced Madonna Inn coffee shop. I admitted that after 5 years of residence and 30 years of visiting the area, this was my first serious excursion into the bowels of SLO's pink beast, and it was actually a little LESS kitschy than expected. He let me do most of the talking (preferring my weird anecdotes to his, which, based on his occupation, he considered less suitable for breakfast), but that was okay for me because I was wearing my formal teeth for the occasion and was more comfortable talking than eating (but I took a doggy bag of omlelet, hash browns and biscuit that will be a fine dinner). I was just relieved that I could string 32,417 words together in the presence of MetaFilter's Finest.

I just hope I didn't confuse him with my directions to get him the rest of the way to Hearst Castle; he had been taken aback by the topography of Highway 101 (HILLS on the COAST HIGHWAY?!?) and I wanted to make sure he didn't accidentally end up climbing the Cuesta Grade (or the Morro Rock). But I forgot to give him the obvious warning to schedule his return to ABSOLUTELY AVOID passing through downtown Santa Barbara, downtown Ventura or the San Fernando Valley during the Afternoon Rush Hours (4-6:30PM - or is it even longer now?)

And no, I did NOT have a camera but he did and I did NOT follow him into the World Famous Madonna Inn Mens Room. It could never match your dirty imaginations anyway.
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