OKCupid Portrait Photography!
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Sun June 19 at 4:00 PM, Prospect Park (Grand Army Plaza)
Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
I'll be in Prospect Park (Brooklyn, NY) from 4pm-6pm on Sunday, June 19th, ready to take photos of any MeFites who need new good pictures of themselves, as per this thread. Come to get your photo taken, or feel free to bring your camera to help out!
When: Sunday, June 19th, 4pm-6pm
Where: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY - specifically, let's meet at Grand Army Plaza in the little shaded gazebo-ish thingy with the benches and columns that's on your right when facing the park.

The backstory is here, but this is the basic idea:

I'm making myself available to do free portrait photography for any MeFite who needs new photos for their OKCupid profiles.

Technically we'll call it work-for-hire, which means that each person will own the copyright on the images of them, and I won't own the copyright on any of the images done for this purpose. I'm not asking for any license to use the photos for my own purposes, or any credit. No restrictions apply other than my lack of infinite free time. I plan to just delete images after sending them out to their rightful owners.

So if you need a new photo of yourself for your OKCupid profile (or whatever), stop on by and I'll take a bunch of photos of you, and then I'll photoshop the best few and email them to you later!

Or if you want to help out with the photography, stop by and bring your camera!

And remember, man is it hot out. Bring a water bottle for yourself! And don't worry, just be your snazzy, awesome selves. We'll chat, I'll probably ask you to goof around and make faces at me, and somewhere in there we'll probably manage to catch at least one photo of you with a fabulously attractive look on your face.
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So does "or whatever" extend to "some nice pictures of me and my girlfriend"? Because while contrary to the entire purpose of this exercise -- which seems to be by its very nature a MeFi Singles Mixer -- that would be totally awesome.
posted by griphus at 10:46 AM on June 2, 2011

I'm also not single but strongly dislike most pictures of myself.

Maybe we should institute a barter system of sorts?
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No barter needed. If you're not single but want photos anyway, hey, c'mon by! I'm not fussy, and I'll be there with a camera and may as well put it to thorough use.
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Hm, just realized that I'm working that weekend, so it depends greatly on my energy levels after work and ability to get on the subway and go long distances promptly.
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Since it *will* be so hot, is anyone out there a makeup guru who might be able to help out with the powder or whatever you use to make people look less shiny?
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Great minds think alike Eideteker. I'd thought of asking the same thing.
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Woohoo! Fun fun!
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I'm still out of town then. Boo :( I was going to bring some picnicky stuff.
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Aw, picknicky stuff!
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Not coming. Torn Achilles tendon. Don't feel like working a sympathy angle, and I photography terribly for a handsome man. Thanks, though.
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This sounds fun! I have a nice-ish camera so I can take people's pictures too :)
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My "maybe" is more leaning towards "yes." I'd love having better photos of myself; I've spent a great deal of my life thinking I wasn't all that photogenic, only to suddenly realize a couple years ago that no, that's not it -- it's that a lot of my family just tends to be really crappy photographers.

(And my friend who is the photographer? "Doesn't do portraits.")
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In NYC this summer, want to meet Mefites, own a pretty camera, but not an OK Cupid person. I think I'll show up anyway to meet some of you?
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darn! i wanted to take advantage of this and it's right near my apt... but i think i'm going to have kickball games scheduled at this time with my team :/ oh well!
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What a nice idea. Thanks Eshkol! I'm coming in from out of town that afternoon, but I think I can make it over there by 4 or 5. I look forward to meeting you!
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Ooh, this could be fun — and a nice change of pace from the normal MeFi meetup format. I'm going to try to make it.

(Only problem is: I lock up when I know someone is taking a photo of me. I really need to get over that.)
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Also, there's so many names on the attending list that I don't know. Another plus!
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Looks like the subway route is to take the 3 train to the Park Place stop, does that sound right?
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2 or the 3 to Grand Army Plaza, the stop right after Bergen Street.
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FYI today there is a "Food Truck Rally" at Grand Army Plaza, 11-5.
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I'm going to bicycle on over as soon as I stop being distracted by Metafilter.
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Father's Day lunch got started late, just heading to the PATH train now, hope there's an ice cream truck nearby
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FYI - I'm here in black shorts and a red tank top, with a camera and a food co-op bag!
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You guys are awesome and beautiful and that was a lot of fun! I'll send out photos soon as I get a moment to process them.
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Thanks Eshkol, that was a lot of fun, and you take great pictures!

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Thank you so much Eshkol! I had an amazing day because of you.
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I'm pretty upset I missed this! Anyone going to share the pictures?
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grobstein - If enough folks are interested, I'd be happy to do it again. (Caveat: I'm going out of town soon, so it would have to be in August.)
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