Vancouver, BC: May 7
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Sat May 7 at 7:00 PM, Alibi Room
157 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A, Canada (Map & Directions)
Maybe you're in Vancouver on Saturday, May 7. Maybe you're a local and want to hang out. Maybe it's because you're attending the ACM CHI conference, and you're wondering what to do on a Saturday night. Let's have a meetup: Alibi Room, 7:00 PM.
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I'm heading to the Waldorf for the Cass McCombs show that night, unfortunately. I think the Alibi Room has hosted some meetups in the past, but maybe the Waldorf is an idea?

Also, "RGD" and "ardgedee" sound like bizarro twins!
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I just got to Vancouver and am looking to meet some people, so if we all decide on a place to meet and it is accessible via transit I would love to meet some local people.
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i proposed a Vancouver meetup a few months ago and then had to bail, and i've been feeling badly about it since then. eek.

i've got a busy weekend planned, but should be able to manage Saturday night. if this meetup doesn't pan out, hopefully we can get something together for May or early June.
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The Alibi Room is where the last meetup happened. Some other places were suggested in that thread, like the Railway Club and the Brickhouse. The Waldorf could be interesting - apparently they've remodeled and are a tiki bar or something now?

I have other plans that night (I'll be at Vancouver Hack Space for an event, which y'all are welcome to attend), but I will try to stop by for a bit if this meetup happens.
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Alibi Room looks attractive to me because I'm an out of towner and it sounds like a known (positive) quantity, mefi-meetup-wise, and it's only about a mile away from my hotel (grmble, alright already, 1.3 km away).

I'll keep an eye on this and see how many more people can commit.
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I'd heard that the Waldorf had remodeled (again). It sounds pretty swanky...

"The World Famous Tiki Bar at the Waldorf Hotel welcomes you year-round to enjoy evenings of rare vinyl and excellent drinks in the presence of the world’s largest collection of original Edgar Leeteg paintings. We are pleased to present a varied selection of DJ’s and music enthusiasts playing vinyl on a custom all-analog sound system."

...alhough there's an art showing/thing there on the 7th. Seem the drink prices reflect the remodeling costs too. $9 for most of 'em. Guess swank don't come cheap. The Brickhouse'd be good, and the Rail will probably be crowded. I'm pretty sure I could make it, where ever we go.
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I'd be up for a few drinks.
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Yikes, didn't realise Waldorf drinks were so pricey.
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Would calling it for 8:00 PM, Alibi Room work for y'all? Not including myself, I see three yesses.

The Waldorf's tiki bar looks awesome but that might be better as a place to drop in for a drink and a gawk rather than hanging-outting.
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What transit zones are these places in? How many people are interested in going? I don't really care about where it is, so long as I can get there by transit easily & can find the place.
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Canageek: Alibi Room is pretty central, in zone 1. it's a short walk from Waterfront station (or Stadium Chinatown, but the walk is probably not so awesome).

i'm in.
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oh, for the love of toast... i forgot rollerderby was Saturday night.
count me out.
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If we could find somewhere a little cheaper than the Waldorf, that'd be awesome. Don't know how many people are going to show up but The Fringe and The Academic are bars I know to be alright, cheap, and located between Alma and Granville on Broadway.
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Ah! Inspiration came to me, Steamworks downtown makes a few good brews themselves. Prices are alright.
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I'm seeing the Canucks are hosting the Predators that night. Don't know if that is going to be relevant to choice of venue or anybody's opting in or out, although the game should be over by then.
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can't make it, as I'm already supposed to be in four places that night; adding a fifth seems... more than unwise.

have fun! take pictures! I'll make the next one, I swear.
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What time does the game finish? It starts at 5, and I'm thinking that anything near Granville will be completely crowded with people. If it ends at 7, then it may be an idea to get to (where ever) by then to get seats. I'm still voting for the Alibi or the Brickhouse myself, with the Rail as a 3rd option. This also means that I'm still in.
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What the heck, I have a zone 1/2 pass anyway, I'm in.

As this is my first meetup how on earth do we go about finding one another at our chosen location? Is someone going to bring a sign or something?
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For a Saturday, it doesn't matter what zone a pass you have for since weekends and holidays are one zone for the whole system. About the game: looks like it starts at 5, and here in Vancouver, and it could be a wild night (potentially an elimination game if the Canucks win on Thursday, so if they win both Thursday and Saturday, expect loud celebrations on the streets). And no guarantee of game ending time, since it could go into OT (two of the three games this series already have gone into OT), which has no end until they score in the playoffs. Anywhere that has a TV will be packed, probably.

Someone usually makes a small sign to lessen the asking around. I'm interested in attending a meetup. Should be a fun atmosphere downtown.
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I will be working that night, so i won't be seeing any of you unless you land in the ICU. Try not to do that!
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Let's resolve this thing:

Alibi Room (map)
I originally proposed 8:00 PM. Now I'm thinking 7:00 is better. This risks colliding with the Canucks game, but on the other hand, table reservations are allowed up to 7:00 PM, and that is a thing to consider seriously for a Saturday night. If it makes you late, oh well, more beer for the rest of us, but we'll wait for you all.

If this sounds good, I'll reserve a table for [number of people?] for 6:45 for the name Metafilter. So ask the staff for the Metafilter table. I will be wearing a blue Mefi shirt, and try to put up a table placard of some kind.

My next fifteen or so hours are going to be spent in transit. Speak up now and I'll collate the yeas and nays at oh dot stupid Saturday morning and reserve a table when the joint opens on Saturday.
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how on earth do we go about finding one another at our chosen location?

Hopefully someone'll have a sign, but if not, you look around for some one who looks like they could be from The Internets and ask "Are you a friend of Matt Haughey?"

ardgedee: one 'yes' here, and the Alibi Room's a good choice. I'd suggest downstairs if possible - less people / noise. cya there!
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I was supposed to be heading out of town this morning but it wound up being pushed back til early next week so I'll be a maybe for this. Will definitely be catching the game first which will quite likely wind up in OT but anyways - Alibi is only about a 15 minute walk from home for me.

ardgedee or anyone else definitely going - would any of you be willing to drop me a memail with a phone # so I could call or text to check if things are still happening after the game?
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mannequito - check your memail.

Also, anyone who may be unsure of the location, here's a link to google maps. If you're on transit, get off at Main and Hastings and walk 2 blocks North.
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The Alibi only allows reservations for the dining area, not downstairs. I was thinking of reserving a table based on how many people reply (plus a few).

But if it's not going to be too hopping tonight it should be safe to camp a table starting at 7. Any locals have a feel for that?
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Not sure what it's all going to be like, with the game and all, but maybe we should get a table to be on the safe side. It'd suck if we couldn't get seats, as we probably wouldn't make it anywhere else before the bars fill up with post-game people looking for a celebratory/consolatory drink. or twenty.
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I've reserved a table for "Metafilter" 6 at 7:00.
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er. table for 6 people. The staffer warned me they're not showing the game. Okay!
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If more people show up, or if we get to move the action downstairs, it's all for the good.
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Hey, it was great meeting all of you last night!

For those of you who are curious about the ACM CHI conference or Human-Computer Interaction, on Tuesday evening it will be open to the public (for a $10 fee), "Taste of CHI", with interactive exhibitions and displays of devices.
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Well, I had a lot of fun. Thank you everyone. Had less fun getting home after I missed my stop by a huge amount and had to take several buses to get to the train.
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Canageek, sorry to hear you missed your stop. I saw you had a smartphone, so I figured you'd be fine--but you may not have realized that Google Maps will give you transit directions in Vancouver. (At least, the desktop version does.)

research monkey, ardgedee, thanks for organizing the meetup! "Taste of CHI" looks awesome. Maybe I'll see if I can take my kids there.
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