Hey, Vancouver and December almost rhyme.
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Fri December 3 at 7:00 PM, The Alibi Room
157 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A, Canada (Map & Directions)
About a month from now, I will be on the west coast for a few days. Any mefites up for a Vancouver meetup on Friday the 3rd or Saturday the 4th?
Location is flexible, but I will be carless and staying downtown. Suggestions any further afield than West 4th or Gastown will be mocked mercilessly.

EDIT: On balance, I am inclined to the Alibi Room. Shall we say 7:00?
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I missed the last one, unfortunately, so I'll do my utmost to be at this one. I can do either day, though I'd probably be more ok with Friday, but, y'know, whatever. The Alibi Room (Alexander St and Main) was ok last time. I'm always partial to the Railway, but there's a cover after 7 or 8 pm due to bands. Or the Brickhouse at Main St. near Chinatown.
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I'd just as soon avoid anywhere with live music. I am travelling across three time zones to see you people and I do not want have to lip read and use my ear trumpet to decipher the conversation.
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The Rail's got a quiet back room that's far enough from the stage that you can't hear the band play. There's food too, but there's still cover and a line-up for latecomers which is blah.
Hmm. Der Brickhouse is outside of Gastown, so that's out too. Maybe others'll have a suggestion.
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Nah, Main Street is fine. I was just hoping to forestall enthusiastic plugs for someone's favourite watering hole in Surrey or Chilliwack.
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We had the last one (as far as I know .. late July) at The Brickhouse and it worked out pretty well, but it was also the finale of the fireworks nights so it was deserted. Usually it can get fairly busy on a Friday or Saturday, but it's a great location with lots of games and entertainment and not too loud.

Putting myself as a maybe for now, Saturday I could probably do, Friday is iffy.
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ooh, but I missed The Alibi Room suggestion. Still haven't been there and keep looking for an excuse to. They serve food, right? Cause that's one thing Brickhouse lacks in.
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I'm in and I'd prefer the Railway over the Alibi Room, mostly because I work about .75 of a block away. I like the ambiance at the Brickhouse, and I remember one meetup at the Robson Fogg & Sudds, which had a surprisingly robust beer list (and food that wasn't mindblowing, but decent.)
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Might be able to make it. Prefer Alibi to Brickhouse - no experience with Railway, but looks much more convenient to Skytrain travel, so I'm all for that.
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Heh, the Railway, Alibi Room, and Brickhouse were the three places I was thinking of suggesting. I'd vote for the Railway if people are okay with paying cover, but any of them would be fine with me. Oh, and yes, the Alibi Room does have food.
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As the outlander and instigator, I know none of these three places. Railway is closest to where I will be staying, but I too am not crazy about a cover. For locational reasons if nothing else, I cast my vote for Alibi (it is nearby to the kick-ass pies of the Acme Café and I find a slice of their coconut cream puts a spring in my step and a song in my heart).
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We had a meetup at Alibi maybe a year ago and it was great (down in the basement) but at the evening peak I heard there was a line outside. Brickhouse is awesome except it doesn't serve food. Railway's kitchen closes a little early, I think 9-ish, but there is lots of street food nearby. Cover will be under $10 for those who come late. I'd say Alibi is best, but a bunch of people need to be there early to hold down a good spot. Oh and I will try to come but I'm a 'maybe' right now.
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depending on when I get off work, I might swing by for a beer before heading to the Biltmore for the first Xmas party of the season (sponsored by a record label that's managed by a friend.)
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Pretty sure I can make it. Though I was also thinking of going to the Mint party. (heeeraldo, your friend manages Mint? who is it?)

Based on how quickly the Alibi filled up last time I strongly recommend you push the start time back to 7.
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I strongly recommend you push the start time back to 7.

I'll second this. On a Friday, one could be almost assured of a lag between the post-work crowd and the going-out crowd. Saturday could be hazy. 'sides, it's a good excuse to eat around 8 after the table's secured and after a drink. I'm still good with either day.
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Okay, seven bells it is, based on the counsel of those in the know. Do they do the reservation thing there or do I just turn up and stake a table?
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There's a dining room upstairs and a lounge in the basement. Last time we were in the lounge and it was pretty good but crowded. Upstairs is more formal table service style, not as good for a meetup with people coming and going. No reservations downstairs but according to the website you can reserve tables upstairs before 8pm.

Not sure what's best, it worked out ok in the basement last time, but maybe we should try to reserve a table instead?
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I'll have to stick with maybe. I work later on Fridays so if I do show it would be after 9.
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I might show up to this thing
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ugh. If I can't shake this cold by tomorrow, I'll have to jam on the meetup. dammit. :(
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Dawww! Then who am I gonna bum smokes off of, Zack?

/not sure if I can go yet but might show up
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I ran into [expletive deleted] today at work, and I'm harassing myopicman on Twitter, so hopefully we have two more folks coming out tomorrow.
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Let joy be unconfined!
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Oh, I apparently missed the harassment since Senor Percussive first told me of this. I too am plan on heading to Mint's Xmas afterwards though I have my own health issues to sort out.
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The Alibi Room guy sez that they book only half the tables and leave the rest of walk-ins and that by seven on a Friday it is iffy. I am going to head there for six-thirty and hope for the best.
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We wil be downstairs. I am here and upstairs is packed.
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In the obtuse-angled corner.
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Debrief: A fine time had by all, I think. I was on the verge of being a no-show despite organizing it -- I had a terrible allergic reaction a day earlier and was still showing the Elephant Man-like effects of that and feeling pretty used up, but I am glad I turned up. We had had somewhere around a dozen attendees by the time I retired somewhat past midnight (including some early departures and some late arrivals, so never more than about eight at any given point). A couple of slightly mystified civilians joined us: percussivepaul brought his charming companion who was visiting from Germany; and my buddy Rob (whom I had meant to meet earlier for a bite to eat) came along. Rob initially deferred when I told him I was off to meet a bunch of people from the internet, asking "Are you sure I won't be a fifth wheel?" but he was pleased to have come along, I think -- at least, he was still chortling with alltomorrowsparties and twirlip and sleslie when I left.

Topics covered included the distinction between 'dude' and 'bro,' the curious preponderance of erstwhile Winnipeggers among our group, and best etiquette for approaching a bunch of strangers in a bar to see if they are mefites (if I recall correctly, both birdsquared and twirlip politely asked if we were friends of Matt's).

Nice bunch of folks. WOULD MEETUP WITH AGAIN A +++++
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Well, I'm sorry I missed it. Stupid cold, though 14 hours of sleep seems to have kicked it to the curb. Next time I'll show, come hell or high water. ricochet biscuit - that always seems to work the best "Are you a friend of Matt Haughey?" Asking "What does the "." mean?" tends to lead people into thinking "Oh, hey, a freak, get away from me."
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I came late and missed a bunch of people. But I was at the Christmas Market having bratwurst and gluhwein with my charming companion and it was wintery and delightful. Nice seeing you all.
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