Los Angeles Euchre Meetup
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Fri May 6 at 6:00 PM, Farmer's Market (between Loteria and the crepe shop)
6333 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
With as many native upper midwesterners that have emigrated to Los Angeles, there should be a lot more Euchre played around these parts. But, there's not. And we need to fix that. And if you don't know how to play, and are curious how under certain circumstances the Jack of Clubs is actually a Spade, and vice versa (well, quad-versa when considering the red cards), read on. You'll love spending time in the barn.
According to an unverified source on Wikipedia, Euchre was the national card game of the United States until the late 19th century when a little game known as Poker came on the scene. After that, Euchre was more or less banished to the college bars of the Midwest.

In the few meetups I've been to, we've established that some of the regulars know their right bower from their left. And after having been prodded by Klang in the CicLAvia post-thread, it's time to put this thing together.

Euchre is played with 2 teams of two, so we'll need to get multiples of 4 for multiple games. Or we can run one game and just rotate folks in and out, it goes pretty quick.

If you don't know how to play, we can get you up to speed pretty quickly. It's bascially a trump game (like Hearts) with a variable trump suit (unlike Hearts), played with a deck of only 9s through Aces. If you call the trump suit, you and your partner need to be able to take 3 of the 5 tricks to score a point. If you don't, the other team gets 2 points. First to 10 points wins.

Location and date are completely open. Personally, I'd prefer middle to east-sideish. The big open area between Crepes and Loteria in the Farmer's Market would work well for both playing and socializing, so that's a thought. If anyone has an idea on a venue, speak up. I'd prefer a weekend, either afternoon or evening, maybe May 7th? Let me know what you think.
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As a note, Amy hates Euchre, but I'll play the fuck out it.
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Oooh. Card game. And there's been a MeFi meetup between Crepes and Loteria at Farmer's Market. It worked out pretty well. I'm down for it.
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And as it ends up, 5/7 is no longer good for me. Would anyone be interested in the Thursday or Friday before?
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Thursday afternoon into evening/night is good for me, as well as Friday nights.

Is this another one of those card games where the rules are different depending on how bloodthirsty your family is/was? And if so, should some of those be hashed out into a MeFi cannon?
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Not really. The only variants I know are whether you play with the farmer's hand, which is fine for people just getting started but should be discouraged at any semi-serious game.

(Farmer's hand is when you have three nines or tens [or a combination thereof] and you get to take the kitty to play with instead.)
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I'm hopeless at most card games... can non-players come, too, just to hang out? I won't weigh in re: preferences for dates/locations since I'm still on the mend so can't promise to make it to begin with. (Though that reminds me: when I'm finally back to 100% -- or at least close enough! -- I'll propose a WELCOME, REMISSION! meetup.)
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There's also Screw the Dealer and Ace-No Face. If calling trump goes all the way around the table and gets back to the dealer, the official rule says that the dealer can also pass and the hand is a misdeal. Screw the Dealer forces the dealer to call a trump, usually to poor results. (This is all I've ever played)

Ace/No Face is similar to Farmer's Hand, if a player gets one Ace and no face cards (all 9s and 10s), the can call a misdeal. I've never played this way.

And the way I saw this, it could just be a regular meetup that happens to have a game going in the background.
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I'm SO in. I miss playing euchre. Pick a date and I'll be there.
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Addendum: We never played ace-no-face. Only misdeals were when the dealer or player caught it or 2 consecutive deals were passed around twice. Alternately, we sometimes played that the last person HAD to call trump at the end of the 2nd deal, no matter what.
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the last person HAD to call trump

See, this is why I don't play cards!
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I have complicated feelings (ah, family!) about playing euchre and the next month is action packed, so I guess that's a maybe.

Midwest solidarity, yo.
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I had forgotten about Screw The Dealer. That's mandatory.
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Scody- I suck at card games and will happily be a non-player with you. I would also be happy to ref and promote the Klang vs. The World Famous fight.
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So, is everybody good with this Friday, say 6pm at the Farmer's Market between Loteria and the crepe place? I'll be bringing a +1 who wants to play, so we need at least 2 more people confirmed for cards to get a game going.
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That day works for me... if I'm up for getting out of the house, I'll be there.
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(but I am a non-player, of course, so am totally useless on that score.)
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What time?
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That's right when I'm off work a mile away or so; I'll be there to play at ~6:30.
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I'm in town and will try to make it.
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I'll be there super-close to 6 and deal me in!
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I'm guessing we'll be there closer to 6:30, but what do I know?
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We're here. Right next to the water fountain.
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I'm at the CVS across the street, waiting for AAA to show up and unlock my truck. I'll be over shortly thereafter.
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Sorry, I was hoping to make it but actually got swamped with a work project (damn those curators who blow their writing deadlines by MONTHS and then expect the editor to bail them out in a single day).
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Euchre: I don't understand how to win, but I completely understand how to lose.
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I am down to make this a regular outing. Sorry I had to go see Thor instead of finishing my game - believe me, finishing the game would have been a better experience. I had a blast - thanks for making it happen, hwyengr - awesome to see you all!
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I like this game.
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