Interest in a pub trivia team?
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I'd like to revive interest in a pub trivia team that we talked about a while back.
Yeah, we're a smart bunch of nerds, and I still think we can prove it and have fun at the same time. Who's game?
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Well I'm always interested. Did we ever decide on a location or schedule that works for people?
posted by jph at 6:06 AM on April 25, 2011

I might be down for something that's inside the loop!
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We never did settle on a location, but I think the Flying Saucer might work.
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Okay, now that I'm not on my phone I can get a little more involved in this discussion.

Here are some options for where and when we could go.

I have a preference as to what nights we choose (not Tuesdays), but really, don't let that absolutely bar you from scheduling me out.

Our inner-loop options appear to be:

Velvet Melvin: Monday Nights
Flying Saucer: Tuesday Nights
The Harp: Tuesday Nights
Little Woodrow's (Rice Village): Tuesday Nights
Little Woodrow's (Midtown): Wednesday Nights

So can I go ahead and toss out the idea of a Monday or a Wednesday night affair? I'd even be up to check out Velvet Melvin next Monday if anyone wanted to join me and give it a whirl. (Have opera tickets next Wednesday, or I'd be happy to try that one too!)
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Geeks Who Drink run these:

Jackson's Watering Hole
Mon: 7:00 PM
Little Woodrow's (EaDo) Tue: 8:00 PM
Little Woodrow's (Midtown) Wed: 8:00 PM
Little Woodrow's (Rice Village) Tue: 8:00 PM
Taps House of Beer Wed: 8:00 PM
The Deck House Bar & Grill (Resumes in May!) Wed: 8:00 PM
The Maple Leaf Pub Thurs: 8:00 PM
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jph, I'm up for tomorrow. Name the time.
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I'll be at the Velvet Melvin at 7 tonight! All are welcome. Will report back later if this looks like something we will want to make into a Thing!
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Well that answers that. The Velvet Melvin doesn't do trivia anymore. We're headed east to Jackson's Watering Hole at 1205 Richmond in hopes of finding a trivia game there!
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We had a ton of fun at Jackson's. Unfortunately, we blew our strong 2nd place in the final round and wound up 4th out of 5.

Jackson's was fun. The food menu was lacking, though... it consisted of pizza.

Geeks who Drink are at the Maple Leaf Pub on Thursdays, along with steak night from 6 till they run out ($14). Might be worth a try!
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Okay, so my review

Geeks Who Drink: gives good trivia. (Fun, interesting, sometimes pretty challenging subjects. Will geek again.

Jackson's Watering Hole: Meh. There was plenty of room to fit in a crowd, so even if we get some serious numbers, we should be able to fit everyone comfortably. But no bar food. And no coffee. (Though, WolfDaddy did cajole the barwench Emily into sharing some of her Starbucks with him.) Also: location location location? Central, but certainly not in any happening part of town.

Geeks Who Drink has a Thursday event at Maple Leaf Pub, which is at the intersection of Elgin and Bagby-ish. Also, it starts at 8pm, which may be easier for some of us to get to. I would like to recommend that we check that out as a possible location for a more regular meetup. If we can find a good location for a monthly (even if not weekly) trivia meetup, I'd like that.

So while I'll be on vacay next week... what say you: May 19th? Maple Leaf Pub? 8pm?
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Works for me. Beanplaters ftw!
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I'll probably show up early for steak. :)
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Okay, I also checked out Little Woodrow's (EaDo) last night, which is situated in a truly dreary section of town just East of 59 across from the George R Brown. While the trivia was just as lovely, since it was still Geeks Who Drink... and while tonight actually had prizes, ($20 for the winners, $15 for the second place, $10 for the third place!) there was no food and so it gets a thumbs down from me too.

The Quizmaster, however, suggested Maple Leaf (Thurs) and Little Woodrow's Midtown (Wednesday). Okay. So. I'm going to go ahead and add The Maple Leaf on the 19th as an official meetup and we should start now recruiting people to come with us. Got it, nerds? GO TEAM!
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I'll go if WolfDaddy stays the hell away.
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Everyone is welcome. Single or multiple personalities alike.
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Well I hate to say it, but Maple Leaf Pub gets a big thumbs down from me. I didn't mind that trivia was pre-empted by hockey--the name of the place gives away its primary patrons--but the service was horrid. 4 bartenders, 1 bar back, and 1 waitress and a relatively uncrowded bar, and it still took me about 10 minutes to get anyone's attention.

Steaks were still in plenty when I left at 9:30, they were being cooked outside and smelled delicious! The poor Geeks Who Drink quizmaster was visibly frustrated that the game still had one period to go and doubted anyone would be around post-game to play trivia.

Perhaps after the Stanley Cup is awarded--sometime in mid-June--it might be worth checking out, but if the service remains as poor as it was tonight, I'd say let's look elsewhere. At any rate, I won't be attending 5/19 at the Maple Leaf.

Also, another bar that doesn't serve coffee. What...doesn't anyone drink Irish Coffee anymore?
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Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention...patron two chairs down from left after saying "I prefer my drinks not to have any debris in them". I left not long after.
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My girlfriend and I are likely to attend.
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SpecialK, as usual jph is ahead of me. Head on over here if you haven't already.
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