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Thu May 19 at 8:00 PM, Maple Leaf Pub
514 Elgin St, Houston, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
We've tested out Geeks Who Drink and found their trivia entertaining and enjoyable. We've tested a couple locations, and we think that the following is ideal: centrally located, with some food options, late enough that we're not going to have to skeedaddle from work to get there, etc. And so, on May 19 at 8:00pm (get there a touch early!) we're going to the Maple Leaf Pub to kick some nerdy ass.
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Beanplaters FTW!
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Heads up: With the never-ending hockey playoffs continuing, the schedule for trivia at the Maple Leaf is subject to change. They updated their Facebook page this week; I hope they do the same this week.
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Anyone checked to see if it's still on tomorrow?
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No report yet as far as I can tell. However, according to there's a game that starts right at 8 PM our time, which is also the normal starting time for pub trivia. To be honest given the night I visited Maple Leaf two weeks, I would expect pub trivia to be cancelled like it was last week.

Also, reading the geeks who drink website, there's a six person limit per team! If everyone shows up that's signed up, including their +1s, we're right at that limit. So if this becomes a regular and popular thing, we may be in competition with one another. Hee hee :-)
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Oh, hey check that out.

I work for Geeks who Drink in Colorado -- glad you guys are into it! FWIW I sent an email to management asking if it's on tomorrow, if I find out sooner than y'all do I'll post back.
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Awesome 7segment. Thanks!
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The Bruins-Lightning game starts at 7. I'll keep an eye on GwD's Facebook today and will post here if there's any news.
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er, MLP's Facebook...
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I'm keeping an eye out as well - but in the interest of pulling the trigger early so as to eliminate as much confusion (and reduce the likelihood of people just deciding not to come), I think we should plan on sticking to our plan. Let's get there shortly before 8pm, group up, check to see if the trivia game is going to happen, observe the hockey folks in their natural environment like good little anthropologists, and enjoy our own company. If it looks like hockey is going to dominate the evening, and we tire of watching burly figure skaters punch each other, then we can always regroup and relocate. There are plenty of nearby spots that would be fun at that point in the evening. Worst case scenario: we have a fun meetup and hang out a bit and chat with no trivia and we get to claim moral superiority and victory for having made the effort. (And we'll try again somewhere that we wont be disturbed by a sport.) As for the potential for maxing out the number of players, I don't think we should let that deter us. The more the merrier, and we can always subdivide into teams!

So, I'll be there just before 8 with a MeFi shirt on, and I hope to see you all there.
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"We are playing trivia today. No matter what. Even if it means we play next door and use smoke signals." -- Maple Leaf Pub
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I played GwD once in Austin with a large team, and we had a few options. One was to play together but be ineligible for the prize (the princely sum of $20, which was fairly easy to forgo); another was to play together but not use the joker (which doubles the points in one round of your choice).

I'll be there tonight if I can, though I may need to leave early to get back to Clear Lake at a semi-reasonable hour.
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OK. We'll be there. I posted on MLP's facebook page, but haven't seen a response. The idea of playing with smoke signals might amuse me.
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We can always use the outdoor grill where they cook the steaks for the smoke signals. If things fall apart I'm being dragged by my +1 to a punk open mic night at Sedition Books at 901 Richmond which isn't too terribly far away from MLP.

This is what I get for dating an anarchist.
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I was going to point and do the "Nelson Laugh" from The Simpsons, but then I realized that tomorrow I'm being dragged to a high school graduation. Whomp whomp.
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I will trade you one Nelson laugh for one whomp whomp.

Also, I've been thinking: of course "The Beanplaters" should be our primary team name but if we do have to split up into two teams, our 2nd team name should feature the word "zombie" at the very least, in celebration of 5/21/11. "The Zombie Beanplaters" would work, but if there's someone who can come up with something more creative than that ...
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How shalt we know thee?
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(I'm a chubby bearded guy that looks like he works from home wearing a red and grey striped shirt and my +1's a hot redhead.)
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OK, I've managed to clear the decks and I'm headed up from Mo City. I'm also a chubby bearded guy who looks like he works from home, but I'm wearing the black Mozilla "Hack" t-shirt and my +1's otherwise occupied tonight.
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+1 and I are sitting by the darts under the big TV. Eating steak.
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Woot! Great turnout ... so much so that we had to split into two teams! "Zombie Mamapotomus" and "All Our Blanks Are Raptured" were competing fiercely until the final round. Zombie dropped their Joker a bit early, allowing Blanks to pull ahead in the final round, finishing second overall.

We won a $20 bar tab coupon and I've made an executive to donate the thing to Mamapotomus because if anyone needs some alchohol ... it's her!

Great meeting all the new folk and reuniting with old friends. jph ... as our cruise director, please to be planning the next event asafp! <3
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I heartily second that decision to shower Mamapotomus with bar coupons. Absolutely. As for our next event, I'd like to take a moment to alert everyone to the fact that there is another event in the IRL section planned for this Sunday evening at Disco Green downtown. Aurora Picture Show (affiliated with MeFi's own *s) is showing a documentary about the West Texas art collective "Animal Farm." I have never been disappointed by an evening spent lounging on the grass at Disco Green during some event. This event is free, and open to all. I'm going to bring a huge blanket and some cold drinks. Hope to see you there!

Stay tuned for the next Trivia event! Two weeks from now? I'll check to see if they're going to do the same routine with trivia at Maple Leaf Pub - if so, then perhaps we should just go back there on June 2 rather than bothering to find another location in the interim. Hockey season can't last too much longer, right? I'll post a new event when I get a better feel for it.
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And here's GWD's writeup on the night:

MLP has decided to move trivia to the side room next week, starting at 8. I think June 2 would be a great time to go back.
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