MeFites at AAM?
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Any MeFite Museum folk planning to be in Houston for the AAM convention in May? And if so, any interest in trying to set up a meetup?
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Not a museum folk. But always up for a meetup. What are the dates?
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Looks like the AAM Annual Meeting and MuseumExpo has been set for May 22–25. The Houston Art Car Parade (the nation's largest and first art car parade) has therefore been set for May 22, to accommodate AAM-goers who don't want to miss it. (Normally the Art Car Parade is earlier in May.)
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I'll be in town from the 22nd to the 25th... should be mostly free in the evenings. I think my schedule should firm up pretty soon, but honestly I can probably make anything work.
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I'm in. I just needed to make sure that wasn't happening when I am on vacation earlier in the month.

Once your schedule is a little more set, let us know what works for you and we can suggest some venues/activities that might be fun!
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I'm up for it. I've got tickets to the Astro's on the 23rd (if you're into MLB, the Astro's are extremely affordable) but can flex if that ends up the consensus.
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What about something Sunday the 22nd in the evening? Or Wednesday the 25th? I'm working the other two nights. Brazil cafe has free music Wednesday nights. Cobra you leaving Thursday AM or on that Wednesday?
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I get in Sunday morning, leave on Wednesday. I think Sunday night's good for me if it works for everybody else...
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Sunday night is almost always a good time of the week for me to get together and have a little bit of a hang out. What part of town will you be in? Any idea? I'm sure we can find a fun place to get together!
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Trying to look up where I'm staying has just provoked a holy-shit-I-never-got-a-hotel-confirmation crisis. So I'll straighten that out and weigh back in...
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OK. Staying at the Hyatt Regency, 1200 Louisiana Street. Is there much to do in downtown Houston?
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Short answer: no.

Long answer: don't freak out. Just because downtown is a barren wasteland of unfun, the whole city isn't. We will come up with something fun and amazing. Promise. :)
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I'm game.
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Okay, so I have an idea that I know will be interesting and is even downtown. We tried something similar once before but planned... poor-ish-ly, and so I think we missed out on some folks, but we wont let that happen again, right?

Anyway, the Aurora Picture Show is presenting a free screening on Sunday May 22 at 8pm about Ant Farm. We can go hang out on the lawn, enjoy a picnic, and see a nifty presentation by Houston's top purveyor of independent cinema.

Unless we're all raptured up on May 21... oh who am I kidding, I know I'm not going anywhere.
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Sounds good to me.
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I didn't realize the screening was in connection with the AAM -- extra neat! I ironically just got word that I may have a formalish Aurora Picture Show fundraiser to attend right before -- I may just show up in cocktail party garb and flip flops.
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So, logistics. Time and place, how should we recognize each other, etc?
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Hey COBRA!, I think the discussion has moved over here now.
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How the hell did I miss that?
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