Disco Green: Picnic and a Movie
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Sun May 22 at 7:00 PM, Discovery Green
1500 McKinney St, Houston, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
COBRA! will be in town for a conference, and in conjunction with that conference and MFAH, The Aurora Picture Show (the vessel into which our own sweet *s pours her blood, sweat and tears) is showing a documentary downtown on Discovery Green. Let's plan on getting there and staking out a spot around 7pm and enjoying a bit of a picnic nosh before the movie starts at 8pm! (Like all good things in life, this event is free.)
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Ok, now you're making me miss Houston even more. Have a great time guys!
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We'll miss you, arcticseal!

Also, COBRA!, I meant to tell you that there's a small farmer's market on Sunday (12-4 p.m.) at Discovery Green, where we're seeing the film, in case you want a pleasant place to wander around when you get in.
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Right on! How should we identify ourselves?
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jph is good at kitting himself out in MeFi gear. I'll be in a dress and flipflops and we can aim for something in the middle. It's not too big a venue and we will probably be the only people there that early other than Aurora Picture Show folks setting up.
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Right-o. Sounds nice and easy.
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Big green blanket, and I'll be wearing a TL;DR shirt (or maybe my "hope me" shirt if I'm feeling more subtle). Either way, I'll be wearing a shirt and trying to look as zen as possible, as Disco Green is as close to a physical happy place as I have.
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Here on my MeFi green blankie. Reading and listening to music. Wearing my tl;dr shirt.
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So how was COBRA!?
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COBRA! was awesome. Had a nice quiet evening on the grass watching a film about folks who clearly smoked a lot of grass (among other things). Was just *s and COBRA! and me.
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Nice! Balmy evenings in Houston are one of the things we miss the most.
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hey, jph and *s, thanks again for hanging out. Sorry if I got kind of zombified towards the end; long day of flying and then walking all over Houston.
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