Another Seattle Meetup?
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Sat April 30 at 5:00 PM, Chapel Bar
1600 Melrose Ave, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
Hello Seattle MeFites! I will be in your lovely city for a conference and was hoping I could meet you for drinks, etc. on the evening of Saturday April 30th?
One of you can suggest the place. I know you just had a meetup with rtha, but it's my turn now! I'll be staying downtown near the convention center but I'll probably have a rental car so could go somewhere else.
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Nah, apparently we only have one meetup a year. Any more than that and people will fall behind on their RSS feeds, book lists, knitting and other indoor and introspective projects. Me? I'm working on bonsai basil. There's also the risk of human shelf fungus infections if we go out in the rain more than two or three times a year. ;)

I will probably show up if it's somewhere in the downtown area. Maybe we can reserve the back room at Shorty's without a murder of iPhone devs out-nerding us.
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Sorry, getting married that night.
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If it's downtown, I'm in.
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Sorry, getting married that night.

WHAT? Well, missy, you better cancel that wedding right now! There's a meetup being scheduled! What are you, crazy?

No, seriously, what? *plans reception raid*
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You know, the one that was at the lysian near the stadiums was the nicest one to which I have gone. It had comfortable furniture, there was a lot of romm and, most important, it was quiet enough that one could hear other people talk.
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The Elysian, that is.
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The Elysian sounds delightful.
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Here is the link for that one.
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Just so you guys know, there is a Sounders game that night at 7 pm, so downtown is going to be packed to the rafters, and the Elysian will be a madhouse. Friday or Sunday would be better days for the Elysian if sarahnade is still available then, otherwise away from downtown is probably a better idea.
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Probably a bad time to mention this, but I'll be in town all next week 17th - 23rd. Anyone wanna kick it later in the week?
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Urgh, Saturday's the only night I have free. I guess we should pick a place that's not near that stadium? I haven't been to Seattle in ages so I know nothing.
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Well, you're by the convention center, which while downtown is not Pioneer Square downtown, so that ought to be sufficiently far from the madness. There's plenty of places in that Pike/Pine corridor that could be reasonably comfortable, more if you go north a bit.

- Rock Bottom Brewery is right by there, but I've never been there on a weekend, and it's pretty sports-bar-ish. I know it's a pretty popular after-work spot, dunno how big the weekend audience is. One of the yelp descriptions of it is "a Chili's that makes beer", which is pretty accurate.

- Taphouse is usually pretty good about seating and they have a very nice selection of beers, although the service can be a little slow. This would be my first pick since it's so close to you, just a couple blocks away, and I've been in there on crowded convention nights and still found it relatively easy to converse. That's just me, though.

- Zig Zag Cafe is always awesome, leans more towards cocktail than beers, and is a bit of a hike, but it's one of Seattle's best "secrets" (don't know how secret it actually is, but it's not super well known).

Other ideas?
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Something not noisy, please. What I liked about the meetup at the Elysian was no need to yell. I went to a meetup at Mr. Bills on Pine and Harvard. The music was so loud, I could not hear people shout. That was most unpleasant.

On my own, I have had the same experience at Cafe Vito, of all places. They were playing some rap turned up to hearing damage range -- I am not kidding. I don't want to go to some place that's playing music at concert volume, thank you. Or that's full of happy hour drunks who are shouting at same.
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Hmm, if the weather is nice, what about the lounge in the ex-funeral parlor across Pine from the Bauhaus ? They have a courtyard in the back.
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I like the sound of that.
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That is SO close to where I live (Pine at Bauhaus). I am game.
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I always thought it was called Chapels but upon Googling it, I see the correct title is Chapel Bar.

A lounge by day and a club by night... It's a bit tony but the courtyard was less so and roofed over along the back wall. I went to a friend's chocolatini slash birthday party there last summer, which was suitably festive and full of local Democratic party types. Got chatted up by Nick Licata. ( Man, does that guy remember names or what ? It was scary. ) It was in August, so it was quite nice out there. I wouldn't know about the chocolatini's--I was drinking Cokes, which seemed reasonably enough priced. Well, one could lounge there, I would assume, until clubbing time and, then, whatever, depending upon one's metabolic rate...
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Is there reasonable parking accessibility there? I have to say that every time I've gone to the Pike/Pine area lately parking has driven me to insanity.
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If you go a block or two north and east of it there should be lots of residential parking available. (In the Olive St/Belmont/Howell/Boylston area)
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If y'all firm up the date, I might make it. I have vacation coming soon but haven't set the date yet.

Matildaben! Getting married!
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So the Chapel looks good. Shall we meet at, say, 6:30? If we need to escape the club, there are other places in the area we could go.
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That night is a possibility for me. I just need to break off my engagement first.
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You should set the meetup details.
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Well I'm having dinner with my ex that night, so lord knows I'd need to depressurize after that.

So I'm in (if it's later). And yeah, what Y2Karl said: Less noise = better.
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Okay, I set it for 6:30pm, show up whenever. We'll update the thread if we move.
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I don't see evidence that anyone has been to Chapel Bar in the past few months – it's nuts at night.

Loud, lots of flashing lights, lots of young women dressed surprisingly...

It does, however, have the quieter outdoor section and no cover charge.

There's a number of quieter cafes and bars in that vicinity, but being new in this neighborhood, I know none of their names.
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It does, however, have the quieter outdoor section and no cover charge.

That is all I know of the place--I have never been there at night--and the location I had in mind. It's outside the bar proper and while open air, still affords a certain amount of covered seating. I would suggest meeting there around 5 and if the crowd and noise starts early, we could relocate to somewhere else.

If the weather is nice, that would be an ideal location, and, if not, we could arrange a backup meetup spot if the forecast is for unclement weather. Right now, it looks good for the weekend.

In any case, I am open to meeting anywhere near, as long as it is quiet enough to hear people speak. ( Dang, it's too bad the Cloud Room is gone...)

On an ancillary note, wherever we meet, the International Space Station will be going close to directly overhead around 9:34 PM and, if Endeavor launches on schedule on Friday, there may be a chance for a tandem shuttle and space station sighting, if the shuttle has yet to dock at the station. The next to the last chance, all things considered. If the sky is clear, it would be worth stepping out on the street to watch if anyone is still around then, wherever the location.
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Ooh, I just saw the meetup time is listed as 6:30 PM. I would suggest it be at least an hour earlier...
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I changed it to 5pm. I can't get there right at 5, though (the last session goes until 5:15, those fuckers).
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I have been reminded that I am supposed to be somewhere else that night so I won't be able to make this one. Someday I will go to another MeFi meetup... what has it been, 8 years?
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I changed it to 5pm. I can't get there right at 5, though (the last session goes until 5:15, those fuckers).

I will go there then to grab a table or two.
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I will be in Seattle but I'm juggling a dinner with friends, so I may come and go early.
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I have to play football on the eastside 5-7 so I'll be late.
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Last minute decision to get out and about - I am on my way to meet-up in just a while. This will be my first Seattle Mefi meet-up (did one in Hawai'i a few years ago). Looking forward to putting faces with nyms. A hui hou!
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I will also be there.
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Sadly, I won't be, due to the aforementioned sounders game. Have a drink for me, will you?
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I'll have one for every goal we score :)
Karl, surfurrus and I are indoors, first corner on the left as you enter.
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Please keep us posted if the meetup changes locations. It may turn out that I can be there, but it wouldn't be for a while if so.
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Leaving my hotel now, I should be there in like 15 minutes or so.
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Football game just ended. Be there in like 40 minutes modulo traffic.
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We just wound up, people heading off t other commitments and the bar beginning to transition into club mode. It was an all female meetup for a while, once y2karl wasn't there to represent the other type. Unusual?
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Yayyyyyyyyy meetups! It was nice to meet some new people. Hopefully I'll see you again, Sarahnade, once I'm in your neck of the woods this summer.
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Very cool - y2karl and all the women. Such an interesting group; you folks are as witty in person as in text, So good to meet and laugh with you all! And ... I think we've started a canoeing meet-up plan, eh?
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jacalata - Sounders had 3 goals and emerged triumphant against Toronto FC. Hope you're nice and buzzed now :)
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I hope you had three drinks for me. I had... more than that.
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Worth the trip to hear about the Wombat That Ate The Cake. One can not get enough wombat stories, in my opinion.
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It was so nice to meet all of you! I hope I can come back and see all of you again.
posted by sarahnade at 7:40 PM on May 2, 2011

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