Goat Goat GOAT!
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Wed April 6 at 6:00 PM, Billy Goat Tavern
430 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Billy Goat Tavern under Michigan Avenue. You know the drill.
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Since I know you all have been missing me terribly (don't deny it), I think I may actually come to this one. Hooray!
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On Monday, I go to The Girl & the Goat for dinner

On Tuesday, I go see the Mountain Goats play a show (also, my birthday!)

On Wednesday, I go to the Billy Goat Tavern.

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On Thursday, you ride a goat at the zoo.

On Friday, you perform with Goat Island.
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On Saturday, you can try to cross a bridge with two friends and get threatened to be eaten by a troll.

Just to feel more in-touch with goat-kind.
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Adam, I had actually joked that I should go to the 'farm' part of the zoo on Thursday and pet the goats.

I'm too lazy, though.
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On Sunday you make a Goat Scrotum Ale?
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Then the following week, you switch from Goat to Toga.
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Toga! Toga! TOGA!
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When I was a bluegrass hiphop MC, my name was Oat G.
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mr bleary's childhood nickname was "goats". also, "boots". because he had goats and wore boots. those kids were very literal.
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this is where I tell you that if you have not eaten at Girl and the Goat you need to eat there. NOW. Well, make a reservation, which takes like a couple months in advance, and eat there then. You will thank me.
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Man, I'm bummed I'm missing this. Looks like it'll be another well-attended goating. Off to ever-exciting Peoria!
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Say hi to the ghost of Sam Kinison for me.
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how late does the goat-up go? wednesday is hula night - but that's from 8:30-10. so i can go early (maybe) or late (sweaty). advice? should i be posting this to the green? IKYANMSD, but is it better to go early or late?
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I'd say early. By 10PM, we've either moved on to karaoke or gone home.
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I'm finally going to attend another meetup! It's unfortunate that this meetup will lack delicious pizza, but the burgers should almost make up for the lack of deep dish goodness.
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I shall be there early, per usual. 5-ish.
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I am sorry to say that Emma and I will be unable to attend this go-round, but we will definitely plan on coming in May for our LAST NON-MARRIED MEETUP EVAR!!!!!!
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Yeah, I'll be there earlyish. Rossi's has been closed for repairs the past few days so I need to run by there and make sure they didn't convert it into a fucking ultralounge or something.
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I'm soooo tired from lack of sleep the last few days, but have no excuse not to stop by for a beer or two on my way out of the building. I'll be there at 5 as usual.
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I appreciate the use of the Yay! tag.
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I feel like there's a whole meetup that happens before I even get there. Damn all you downtown workers! *shake fist*
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I'm heading down early too: I worked 'til 4am and want to get a quick drink in before I pass out.
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You guys were raging 'til 4am? Damn.
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I only showed you the door. You all walked through it.

Good times though, right?
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No, hydro: just 1:30am or so. But it was a very late 1:30am, considering some of us were just planning to "stop by for a beer or two".
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I was tempted to see if you guys were still out when I got off work last night. But I am enjoying my hangover-free Thursday.
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Oddly enough, I had no hangover to speak of: I've been pretty good about drinking a 2:1 ratio of alcohol to water lately and it's been a game-changer.
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