cicLAvia foursquare (tournament?) 4/10/11
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Sun April 10 at 12:00 PM, cicLAvia MacArthur Park rest stop near Mama's Tamales
2122 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Los Angeles area mefites, let's take klang's sidewalk chalk and balls to the streets and get our foursquare (playground game, not the church or the social media app) on during the upcoming cicLAvia. 7.5 contiguous miles of car-free street awesomeness!
Meet next to the cicLAvia rest station/watering spot in MacArthur Park on 7th St (across from Mama's Hot Tamales at 2122 W 7th) at noon! You'll probably want a bike since we're gonna make this a wandering game along the route. I dunno.
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There are several places we can stop to play, I say the more times the merrier!

- Melrose/Heliotrope (though last time this was pretty crowded for all the food trucks and bike traffic)

- 7th St./Alvarado

- Anywhere downtown.

- On top of the bridge over the LA river on, what?, 4th? 3rd?

Also, klang should keep track for entry into the league standings, natch.
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I was going to suggest the 7th St. overpass (over the 110 freeway) as well, but figured a rubbery bouncing ball accidentally flung from the heavens into some of the worst traffic in town might have some slight repercussions.
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Yeah, on a bridge we're going to need softer hands than I've got.

Also, if anyone else can bring more balls, we can play more than one game at once.
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Aw, really wish I could make this, as it sounds awesome! But I have to go out of town that weekend =(
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Thankfully there will be two more cicLAvias this year!
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It might be good to mention that cicLAvia* is a bicycle ride through downtown Los Angeles. 7ish miles of street are blocked off for bicycle and pedestrian traffic only on a path that takes the flattest possible route between the bicycle district (Melrose & Heliotrope) and East LA. Last year's ride was blessed by glorious weather and friendly people, and was an incredible experience. I've been looking forward to the next one ever since.

*play on the Spanish word CiclovĂ­a, in English 'bike path'.
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But it's not meant just for bikes and it's definitely not a race. People should feel free to treat the street like it's a really long park. Even if you've lived here forevs, it will change the way you see the city.
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(I apologize for not knowing how IRL protocol goes, but if this particular plan doesn't work out for whatever reason, I'd like to suggest MEFI PINBALL NIGHT! or the Hammer's Bike Night as alternatives.)
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Def start a proposed meet up thread for those! they sound like fun but this thread will end u
p being an event for ciclavia.
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Right on. I never know how many open IRLs one region can/should have at a time.
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The proposed meetup thread turns into the event listing, as opposed to before where the events were listed independently.
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Out of town that weekend. Boooooooooooooooo.
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Gah google keeps marking the wrong spot on the map! The route passes MacArthur Park along 7th St and there will be a clearly marked rest stop/water area. We shall meet there.
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Boooooooooooooooo indeed.
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I can go to this! Yay!
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I see we're meeting at noon for 4sq, right?

Does anyone want to meet in the Bike District (Melrose/Heliotrope) right at 10 when the course opens, and ride the length of it with me? It'll probably take right around an hour to reach the other end and we'll make it back to Alvarado & 7th with plenty of time to rest before the games begin.

That is where we're meeting, right? If so, can the location be changed to that intersection? Or maybe something like Mama's Tamales, which is right there? (Right?) The marker on the map as it stands now is way off.
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Yeah the rest stop (assuming it's in teh same spot as last time) will be directly across 7th from mama's tamales. I signed up to volunteer in the am, so unless they don't need me, I'll be otherwise occupied.
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Also, can anyone hook dashiv up with a bike?
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Ok, just got email confirmation that I'll be roaming the section near Hel/Mel as a "route ange" from 9am-11am, so if you get a flat, look for me!
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Yes, I'll be an "route angel" in French, that is *precisely* what I intended to type. Or not.
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I'm headed out! Way late! Starting from McArthur Park I'm going towards the Mel/Hel area. Big red/silver mountain bike, matching helmet (YESSS!), huffin' and puffin' along.
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That. Was. Awesome. I will always play extreme rules foursquare from this point forward.
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Nice to meet ya, hwyengr! Tons of fun was had by all. I have set a google alert for pictures of us playing (b/c there were so many random strangers snappin pics!)
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My crappy cell phone pic (including the inventor of EXTREME foursquare)!
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In all my videos there's this awesome buzzing of bikes throughout.
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This sounds like a grand time, y'all. High five!
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Hey, hwyengr, weren't you gonna get some euchre goin'?

Hey, mykescipark, weren't you gonna get some pinball goin'?
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