Nashua, NH meetup!
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Sat February 25 at 5:30 PM, Martha's Exchange
185 Main St, Nashua, NH, USA (Map & Directions)
Edit: let's do this! Winter New England meetup
I am moving back to New England from many years away (along with my once-mefite spouse Greg Nog) and I thought it might be fun to meet/see some mefites in the area. We'll be living in Manchester, NH but could be convinced to go to Boston if that's where the people are!
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I would be interested in this!
posted by bondcliff at 10:34 AM on January 8

I'd also be interested! Hopefully our schedules match up. I live north of the city, so I'd be OK with going up to NH or with going into Boston or one of the cities around it.
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Yeah, sounds fun!
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We are pretty much directly between Boston and Manchester in Southern NH though I haven’t been active here in years. Not sure if there are attendance requirements!
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Pencil me in!
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I'm in Portland and would be interested in something between here and Boston
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I could be interested!
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I am also possibly interested! Also, welcome back!
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Despite being here for 20+years, I've never gone to a meetup and would love to break that streak in 2023. I'm in Mass, basically between Manchester and Boston, so any locale thereabouts would be fine.
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I've also never been to an IRL meetup and may very well be interested. I'm near Cambridge and could travel an hour or so to a meeting. I'll be keeping an eye out. Thanks!
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I'm an hour west of Manchester. Probably wouldn't travel farther than that. Meetups are good!
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I'm not up for things inside still, but would love something outside (maybe later than February?) I'm in Arlington, can drive.
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I'm in Arlington MA, too, but would consider driving to Manchester or Concord NH to welcome you and your brood back.

(I'd mask if indoors, and indoors seems to be the only reliable winter option in NH, eh? I made the mistake of not masking at a work-holiday-party in late December and got the Covid—NW Boston covid numbers were rising steep at the time, but seem to have fluctuated a bit in the right direction recently.)
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I’m coming from Hartford CT and could drive up to 100 miles or so.
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I'm not sure what would make the most people happy (Portland, western NH and Hartford are pretty far from each other). Is Manchester the most central location? Or Portsmouth? Lawrence/Methuen, MA?
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Interested -- located in Boston and fine with heading north!
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Another Arlingtonian (Menotomy Moonbat) that is well positioned to possibly participate.
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I'm not sure what would make the most people happy (Portland, western NH and Hartford are pretty far from each other). Is Manchester the most central location? Or Portsmouth? Lawrence/Methuen, MA?

Nashua has always worked well for meetups, attracting people from all over the region. That'd be my vote.
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I'm in the Boston area (Somerville) and am reading with interest.
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Nashua would work as well as Manchester for me. Enjoyed a meet there some years ago with some of you. I mask where there are people and avoid indoor gatherings but - for Metafilter? I will try to overcome my hermitey ways.
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Another Somervillein watching with interest.
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I probably can't make it but my wife's family live in Manch Vegas and Merrimack, NH. Get a Moe's sandwich as soon as you can. Also, everyone in this thread should think about renting a house or two here on MV just after Labor Day. With proper logistics, decent weather, and DIY collaboration, we could have a yearly late summer meetup/retreat/party here on the Vineyard.

Welcome back to the Granite State!
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I'm in the Hartford, CT area and if the stars align might be able to make it up to something in the greater Boston area.
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I'm in Portsmouth NH and would be interested as well! Bonus points if it involves a dog friendly activity, since I have a 5 month old puppy with separation anxiety but he's super friendly and very cute :)
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I've never been to an MeFi event but count me in as interested. I'm in Newton, MA and happy to drive.
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Nashua has always worked well for meetups

I live in Nashua. I'm also really socially awkward, so even if you held one at like, Jeannotte's, which is a block away, I still might not go. But maybe. Put me down as interested though.

For various reasons, I'm not particularly interested in traveling much. I might go to Manchester, maybe Salem, NH, but getting into Massachusetts or north of downtown Manchester is not of much interest to me. The exception is that if you held it on Wednesday the 19th, I'll be at work in Concord that day and would expand my range to anything between Concord and Nashua. I would also be much more likely to attend that day, if that matters.
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I live in Western Mass, which is kinda far, but I'm potentially interested. (I moved to New England 18 months ago and haven't seen much of it yet. Although Jan/Feb doesn't seem like the best time to go see things around here, so...)
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I'm in central MA (Worcester), and interested--I'd probably be willing to drive up to an hour or so. Boston also works well for me, since I can take the commuter rail in. I also drive to Maine semi-regularly, so if a meetup happened along that route and it matched up with a trip, I'd be happy to drive further.
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Ooh! It's been a very long time since I've been to a MeFi meetup and I'd love to join if I can. Thanks for initiating! I'm in metro west Boston and it sound like the general vibe is that the event will be reachable for me.
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I'd be interested, I live on Cape Cod (vraktar I'm sending you a note!) but family is in more northern NH and it's not uncommon for me to be driving back and forth, might be able to time a trip around a meetup in southern NH or Boston area.
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Do Friday or Saturday nights work best? Nashua sounds like a good spot. The weekend of Feb 10-11, or 17-18?
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I would probably prefer a Saturday. I’m tired after work on Fridays.
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Yeah, getting up to NH on a Friday after work can be tricky.
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Saturday works better for me, personally. Friday would be a bit of a reach even from where I work.
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If someone can suggest a Nashua venue, I'll make it official for Saturday Feb 18!
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Martha's Exchange downtown is nice. Good food, drinks, nice atmosphere. Out-of-towners would have to deal with parking, but it's walking distance for me. I've generally been in off hours so not sure how hard it would be to get a big table. I'm also not a particular fan of their restrooms, which don't seem to have hot water.

110 Grill is a chain but I like their food, it's right off the Everett Turnpike so it's easy to get to from out of town, they have a party room that would give us some privacy, and they have a really good gluten-free menu.

A little north of Nashua is the Thirsty Moose Taphouse in Merrimack. Another chain but still somewhat local. Good food, lots of drinks, and the space is big and open - seems like every time I'm there, there are two or three groups of 12+. It's also right off the highway, and if you like ice cream, there's a Hayward's Ice Cream (the best in NH) in the parking lot.

Those are, at least, the places I take out-of-towners when they visit.
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I think we did Martha's Exchange once before and it worked out well. I don't recall parking being an issue. I've eaten at a 110 Grill before as well and it was pretty good.
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Actually turns out we can't make babysitting work for the 18th so I'm gonna call it for the 25th. Hopefully thats enough notice to get a lot of you maybes! Let's do Martha's Exchange.
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The 25th works great for me, and I've always liked Martha's Exchange! Hope to see a lot of you there!
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I’m in Portland, Oregon and am watching with interest.
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Contemplating a trip to Alec’s.
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I think my mom got married at Martha’s Exchange in 2002.
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Is it the 18th or the 25th?
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The 25th!
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I realized that I have four relative-families with homes within 30 minutes of Nashua and I don’t want to stay with any of them. And I’m unemployed and have a big deadline for a freelance gig the following week and as much as impulse-driven me wants to be there it just won’t work.

I hope y’all have fun and I’ll see you next time.

Oh my god, SHOES.
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Ah well, have fun you crazy kids! I have a friend's housewarming party to attend. But now that the covid numbers are low again, hopefully there will be more meetups in the near future.

Welcome Back, Kotters
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I'm just posting to bump this for the maybes! Come out with us on Saturday - we can wear masks, etc and are flexible on the time if that makes a difference for anyone.
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Do we have a time set?
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Oh, I just saw the top of the page. I've been following via my activity page.
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Just a little far for us this time of year. Will be there in spirit!
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Assuming this is still happening my wife may or may not be joining us.
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Unfortunately, I won't be able to make this. Hope it's fun and awesome!
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So how does this work? Do I just walk into Martha's at 5:30 and say "I'm here for the Metafilter meetup"? Is there a table under someone's name?
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I called and made a reservation for 530 for Heather!
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Heading up!
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Drive safely. The roads just got pretty lousy.
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We'll be about 15 minutes late, sorry snow lol
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That was a lot of fun! Thanks for hosting the meetup and getting everyone together!
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Yeah, that was great! So nice to be at a meetup again. Hope everyone got home safe.
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I’m glad I got to meet you guys. This was a lot of fun and I hope there’s another chance to do it again.
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