Picnic in Prospect Park
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Sat August 20 at 3:00 PM, Prospect Park
Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Hello, friends! I'm going to be in NYC for most of August, and would love to meet up outdoors. We're meeting Saturday the 20th around 3:00pm for a picnic in Prospect Park!
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Sundays are usually a tough day for me, but _maybe_!
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I’m going out of town that weekend but I’d be up for something another day! Hope you’re enjoying your stay.
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Unfortunately I work upstate on Sundays, so the day in question doesn't work for me. I'll follow the thread here to see if it moves to an August Friday or Saturday
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Ok, here is a poll to select from Friday/Saturday/Sunday afternoon/evening — I'll close it and finalize the day in a few days, which'll hopefully make the IRL post a little more visible :)
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I'm going to close out the poll this evening — looks like Friday evening and Saturday afternoon are tied at this point, so definitely vote if you have a opinion on those dates :)
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Ok, looks like it'll be Saturday August 13th at 3:00pm — looking forward to seeing everyone there!

I'll bring some basic snacks and drinks and things, but please do bring more if you feel inclined. I'll post a exact location in the park closer to the day of.
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Oh poop I work on Saturdays. Have fun, all!
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Prospect park is rather large. Do we have an actual location?
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Unfortunately a memorial for a friend of mine who died recently was just scheduled for this day, so I'm going to push this meetup back one week to the 20th — sorry for the inconvenience.

As for location, let's plan on the northern end of the park, maybe the Vale of Cashmere, depending on how busy it is (I'll post a exact location/coordinates when I arrive)
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I attempted to edit the event to change the date, but it seems there's a bug preventing me from doing so. I contacted the mods, so hopefully it will be sorted out soon.
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Aw, nuts - the 20th I can't. Ah well.
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Oh, dang, the 20th? I'm gonna by flying out of the country that day!
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Oh dang, the 20th? That's much better for me. Where in the park?
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Well, I'm not sure how many people will able to make it because of the date change (sorry about that), but I'll be there tomorrow, at the Vale of Cashmere. We can meet up on the north side of the "pond".
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Looking forward to this! I'll bring some insect repellent wipes (it's been buggy) & something snackish.
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I just arrived with some snacks and drinks, I'm sitting on one of the benches and wearing all black.
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Was nice to meet folks! Here are a couple things I mentioned:
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