Japan Zoom飲み #10
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Sun June 14 at 8:00 PM, zoom
1 Chome-9 Marunouchi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan (Map & Directions)
It's week 10 of our continuing Zoom meetups! This Sunday, June 14th, at 8:00 pm (because nobody is watching the taiga drama this year anyway).
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My wife and her sister absolutely adored the actor in that. I have no idea who the guy is, but they wouldn't stop talking about how cool he is. Multiple wide shows and interviews were watch, with many "kakoiis" dropped. Mokkun, maybe?
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Mokkun is Saito Dosan in it, which I only know thanks to Google because NOBODY IS WATCHING the thing. I mean, it's practically my job and I can't be bothered with this one. The best thing about it, aside from Mokkun I guess, is that you could conceivably translate the title as Here Comes the Giraffe.
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Despite the location being the same as for Meetup #8, I didn't receive a notification for this one. Weird.
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Oh hey, neat, I might be able to make this one, even though I'm in Kyoto. I generally prefer using (the free) Jitsi Meet over Zoom, if only because Jitsi Meet didn't spend basically a full calendar year constantly making headlines for security and privacy issues, but I imagine that if everyone else prefers Zoom I can finagle something with the iPad app or something :0
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Hey DoctorFedora, it would be great to have you! And, well, yeah, we kind of went with Zoom because that's pretty much what we had the most experience with. They've been doing a lot of security focused updates, and I figure as long as we avoid openly discussing our plans for violent revoluti...

I've said too much.
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I've sent out links to the meet up, if you didn't get one, and would like one, please comment here or memail me and I'll send one to you.
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I think I didn’t get a link?
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Ice cream of the month situation: hioicecream.com
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