Hello again, Tokyo
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Hey, it's been a while. Lets meet again!
Remember me? The family has heard enough of my talking about my friends in Tokyo, and has decided we're going to spend our Christmas holiday there. We're coming in on December 23rd, and leaving on the 31st. Let's pick an evening in there to meet up.
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Glad to hear you're coming back! Where abouts are you going to be staying?
posted by Ghidorah at 8:59 PM on October 29

Haven't figured that out yet, so if you've got suggestions we're open to it. So far we've bought plane tickets, and are working backwards from there to what we want to do/see. My kid is doing a fellowship in India, so Japan was a logical place to meet halfway to spend time together without either party having to lose a couple days to travel.
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I'm pretty useless when it comes to figuring out places to stay in Tokyo, sadly. What sort of things are you looking to do this time around?
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I'll be overseas then and can't make it, unfortunately. Y'all have a good time!
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Right now our favorite selection is a rental in Chuo: https://www.vrbo.com/9228212ha

which TBH almost looks too good to be true. Anyone familiar with the area?
posted by Runes at 8:42 AM on November 3

That listing is flying a few red flags...

1. It says there are two bathrooms, but the floor plan shows one toilet and a separate area with a bathtub. Most people would count that as one bathroom.

2. It says "Asakusa area" but Asakusa Station is more than 30 minutes away on foot. Most people would call that dishonest.

It makes you wonder what else they're lying about.

Unless you really need seven beds (but with only one toilet), I'd keep looking.

(The area itself is okay, mostly office buildings but there are several independent contemporary art galleries scattered among the office buildings. It looks like the "owner" speaks only Japanese, which seems like it could be another drawback compared to a hotel.)
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Fair enough. Any favorite hotels? My experience with hotels in Japan is that they're tiny.
posted by Runes at 5:49 PM on November 4

Sorry to have left you hanging, unfortunately, I'm not really up on places to stay. You're right, though, most hotels are pretty tiny, unless you pay a fortune to upgrade to surprisingly small.

As far as things to do, you'll be here right in the busy time for year end work parties, and a lot of places that are good for groups to while away an evening together will be booked up in the coming weeks. It might be a good idea to solidify plans and hammer down numbers in order to get a reservation. I'd love to try to wrangle things, but I won't have any sort of free time until after the middle of December, which would be leaving things a bit late, and all I know are beer bars, anyway.
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