MeFites at Wasteland Weekend
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I can't be the only MeFite in the Wastes! Let's meet up during the event! Also, this is an invite to attend 3AM Carl Sagan at The Den!
Hi, I'm Daphne, and I'm part of the Road Rash tribe. You can find me in Metal Jesus's camp in The Den, just outside the city gates.
I'd love to meet any MeFites that are attending Wasteland this year.
I'll also be gogo dancing each afternoon around 5:30 to 6, before The Den opens for the night. Thursday I'll be there until 8.
The Den will have a special playlist featuring Carl Sagan talks with a few other like-minded people Saturday night/ Sunday morning at 3 AM at the Den Stage.
Come find me and I'll give you a cap if you use the phrase "WTF Matt". :)
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