DC FOODIES @ Mama Chang
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Sat August 31 at 6:30 PM, Mama Chang
3251 Old Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA, USA (Map & Directions)
International food fans of DC rejoice, we're back for August and heading to Mama Chang, the newest spot in the Peter Chang empire, for family-style Chinese dining in Fairfax.
Relevant links:
-Sietsema really liked it
-Eater talked to the Chang family about the multigenerational roots of this restaurant

If you're new to DC FOODIES: welcome, we'd love to have you join us! This is an informal group of DC-area MeFites who get together approximately once a month to explore world cuisines and cheap eats in the DMV. Family and friends of all ages are welcome.

I'm not sure if Mama Chang takes reservations--Yelp claims they do, other sources claim they don't--but I'll call and ask about a week before we go. If not, the dining room is huge and I've erred a bit on the early side with the timing, so we should be fine. Update: their phone number doesn't work, so we'll just wait in line when we get there.

This is not a super transit-friendly location but is serviced by Fairfax CUE (GMU) buses from the Vienna-Fairfax Metro station.
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Also, a note on planning: this month was kind of weird but normally we plan the next date/location at the meetup itself. But if you can't make it for August but want to suggest something for September in the comments, please do!
posted by capricorn at 1:30 PM on August 14, 2019

I'll be there. K will unfortunately be traveling for work.
posted by Bongotrance Rabbitfriend at 7:00 PM on August 15, 2019

Aw bummer, we'll miss her! But glad you can make it!
posted by capricorn at 7:40 PM on August 15, 2019

This seems like something I can finally make, this time. Looking forward to it!
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Update regarding reservations: the listed phone number for Mama Chang gets me a "your call cannot be completed as dialed" message. Alas! Let's plan to meet at ~6:30 next Saturday at the restaurant and wait for a table.
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This is the article I read several years ago about the mysterious and elusive chef.

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I'm still planning on coming, but will probably be a little late, say 6:45-7? And just me, not with a +1
posted by cardioid at 3:18 PM on August 31, 2019

We’re on our way! For those who I don’t know, I’ll be in a black and white striped T-shirt and green skirt.
posted by capricorn at 3:21 PM on August 31, 2019

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