I’m in Chicago again! (also: help!)
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I will be in Chicago for a week starting tomorrow 8/1, because I have to retake the stupid blasted exam that kept me from graduating med school because it was misadministered. First Wednesday meetup on 8/7!
1. My exam is on Tuesday, August 6th, and I have specifically planned my travel so that I’ll be around on the evening of Wednesday, August 7th, so that I can join in on the regular first Wednesday Billy Goat meetup. (Or whatever location y’all would prefer.) I’m visiting by myself this time, so no family to pull me away as happened last month!

2. I could use a favor: The exam I’m taking is 12 in-person patient scenarios. The best way to prepare is to run through scenarios with another person playing the patient, so I can practice my timing with my questions. (It’s all out of a book; very straightforward.) If a Chicago mefite is free on Saturday or Sunday and could help me do that, I would be extremely grateful and would take you out for a nice meal as thanks. EDIT: I’m covered on the help front now!
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First Wednesday should be a go. We've still been meeting at the Goat after work. Nothing better has presented itself!
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I could probably do early Sunday afternoon!
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That would be great! I’m memailing you my phone number so we can figure out where to meet up.
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I've had to miss the last two Goats & I'm gonna have to miss again in September but I can and will be there this month!

It sounds like you're all set for the weekend already but I'm available both days if you need it.
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jessypie: maybe we could do some pub crawl scouting post-patient simulation?

(Oh wait: just realized ocherdraco only needs one person. But still! I'll be out and about!)
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I'm up for some pub crawl scouting later in the day!
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Wait oh no I just realized I got my schedule mixed up and I can't do August Goat. September is the month I can go again. Calendars are REALLY hard.

Maybe I can connect with all of you later in the evening, post-Goat??
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I will totally be down for a bit of pub crawling after practicing. I’ll need to end up in Wrigleyville at dinner time, to meet up with a cousin.
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If y'all get anywhere near the L&L, HMU.
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Actually, since you offered, jessypie, would you be up for doing a couple hours of practice with me on Saturday? I think the more practice I can get, the better. (And is the phone number in your profile your cell?)
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(And I briefly made this the thread for the first Wednesday meetup not realizing crush had already done so! Disregard!)
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I just doubled up the thread because people around here tend to ignore the proposed category in strong favor of fiat. It was, however, rude not to mention you'll be visiting!

Good luck with the exam! I'm glad you found someone to help practice!
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Oh no, I was out very late last night, basically passed out and did nothing all day today, and am only now seeing the new comments here. Ocherdraco, I'm so sorry I didn't see your request until just now. If I can be useful tomorrow, let me know! The number in my profile is my cell.
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